This boy turn 16 months yesterday.

And I never knew he could blow a whistle!!

At 16 months he can rock himself on my glider. After pushing me away of cos because he's a big boy n wants to sit on it himself.

Still throw massive tantrums but very quick so smile.

Understands a lot of things and follow instructions quite well.

Can say:
"Eeeeee dehhhtiiii (dirty)"
"Beeerd (bird)"
"Night night"

Gives out hugs and kisses quite easily.

Fav person is daddy.

Can call ah ma and ah jia. Korkor and kongkong and ah ku still can't. Must be the "k".

Can request for a selfie. And smile broadly to it.

Also can pretend emo.

And when u chide him, he gets angry and smacks the air in front of him to show his displeasure and "scolds" you back.

Also thinks he can swim in the pool. He kicks and moves his arm like a pro swimmer, but once you let go, he sinks to the bottom. He thinks he can swim by watching korkor during lessons.

He's also korkor biggest cheerleader. When korkor jumps into the pool, didi goes "yeay" so loud!!

After meals, with food smeared all over him he goes "yuck" and I go yea yuck. "Dirty" haha

Yea boy. It's yucky and dirty.

And he puffs air out of his nose and goes "hrngg!" to show that it's smelly.

When korkor goes poopoo, he walks into the bathroom and "hrngg" his korkor. What la this boy!

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