Yesterday kids were too cute!!

Sorry mine was a lost cost.

Yeay at least someone is smiling.

@calvinadawn kids always on point in front of cameras as usual.

Comfortable with aunty sya to tell her a story. I don't know what he's talking about.

Didi found a new slave to bully in her. Ask to blow fries and feed him fries. And get angry if aunty sya eat his fries.

Poster boy for allergen free goods.

Helping himself to fries and dancing in glee

Blowing at fries to cool it down. Before this he was so angry the fries were hot. Kept shouting and hitting the air cos cannot hold fries and eat.
Thought him how to blow on the fries, and now he's blowing at it hahha. This was before he had someone to do it for him.

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