Gardens by the bay| Flower dome.

We visited Gardens by the bay yesterday and sil shot some pics photojournalisitc style.

So imma post it here since she just sent the pics over.

Touch all the flowers.

Haha I don't know what they were doing.

But, so cute though.


I love this pic.

But kena photobomb left; right and center.

Emo shots for the emo boy

Cut out their fathers face. Cos he not that important la.


Scarecrow where?


So matured here.

Hi ladies.



Day to day living.

Kiss didi to wake him up.

Aiyo don't wanna wake up ah? Ok la, join him to nap la. 😴😴😴😴

I love my brother.

*places Lego offering in didis hand.





Eh didi faster wake up la. I wanna go eat chicken rice already.




Social media addicts.

After being caught in the act.

Sleeping time! Brush teeth please.

Brush, brush, brush.

I don't want to brush teeth.

No, you better brush!

Milk time!!


Let's swag to sleep.

Bed time stories.

Molly cosmetic warehouse sale!

My loot! Part 1

The mink lashes are sooooo soft and only $5

Buy! #buybuybuy

Highlighter and pigment.


I regret not buying the brushes!

Next to it are the choices of mink lashes.

Choices of pigment colour.

Dam nice la.

Left is Ayu, right is Meme I think.


Highlighter swatches top to bottom.

Err (forgot)

Close up of the mink lashes.

Silisponges $8

And fairydrops!!!



I also bought a Jujube Minibe from @calvinadawn

Got free Be Neat bip. #score

Too bad all the shoes too small for didi. Had my eye on the adidas one.

Mini Be in action.

PSA for #buybuybuy

All the #dayrebeauty ladies, do come and check out the matte lipstick and silisponge and the fairy drops!

It's the top 3 products that I use everyday on myself.

Also can get to see @calvinadawn EB and ED. Ask EB sing for you whilst buying her stuff. All the good kids stuff too!!!

Can't wait to get my hands on the jujube black ops.

Today we received a letter that says our citizenship is approved in principal.

I was very happy to receive the letter because it meant, finally, Isaac can go to a good school nearby of our choice!

But the elation quickly turn into 😟😟

It finally hit me, we won't be Malaysian anymore. And it feels abit heartbreaking.

As much as we know we will never go back as we won't be comfortable financially, it was our home, where we grew up and where we used to belong. The old memories and what made us, us.


Dietician review | Dessert suggestion

Went for his dietician review today.

Weight percentile maintained. But height almost dropped off from 10 percentile to the 5th

Weight: 8.9kg
Height: 77cm
Age: 17 months 19 days.

Something cute to note down of Isaiah.

When I was talking to the dietician, Isaiah will chime in with his babbles and go "ya, ya".

He is affirming what I am saying about him and his dietary habits. Too cute.

The dieitician also cannot tahan, say he is so chatty and sweet today.


Before I forget, I shall jot down what the dieitician has recommended this session to boost his calorie intake.

To recap what we have been doing for the past 1 year:
1) Oil/fat of 1 tsp for every meal. This is in the form of coconut oil, lard, avocado oil etc

2) Tree nut products: Every morning he has his oats with 1 scoop isomil powder for 0-12 months kids and 1 tsp almond hazelnut chocolate butter (read: pure ingredient Nutella)

3) Frying/sautΓ©ing his meat with butter or ghee.

What he has refuse now is
❌ avocado and banana 🍌
❌ soy yogurt
❌ mince lamb

Since develop fish allergy, all fish is out.

1) To introduce calorie dense desserts 🍨 after every main meal

She suggested rice pudding like the western style rice milk pudding. Replace milk with soy milk.

In my mind I have the version of mango sticky rice (Cc:@ChrysanthemumTea have to eat your husband already haha.)

Also we could do the Philippine dessert of coconut rice pudding. I've asked my helper to make this.

I also was thinking of giving him his milk Challenge pancake with lots and lots of maple syrup.

Anyone got any other suggestions? Has to be egg and milk free dessert.

2) To add nut flour into his meals

It's abit similar like adding ikan bilis powder. But since he is allergic to fish, so this shall be the alternative.

Nut flour adds extra protein and calories without the extra bulk in his meals.

But, we've kinda tried it before. He doesn't really like the taste of almond flour.

I guess this round have to persevere to see if there is increase in weight.

3) Introduce other Tree Nuts

Well, to be honest this is really not to increase weight but to test him out on other nuts to see if he develops a reaction to it.

1) macadamia nuts
2) pine nuts

Note to husband to challenge him with these 2 nuts.

Peanuts are a total ban for him.

And we don't have cashew and pistachio in our house because korkor is highly allergic to them.

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions! Gonna list them down here so I don't forget!

1) coconut and gula Melaka agar agar/jelly

2) soyabean curd and gula Melaka syrup

3) almond flour/nut flour coated chicken nuggets

4) chicken skin treats

5) ornee made with pork lard

6) nut flour juices/smoothies

Play date at Cool de Sac

I want to play everything

Slide on everything

Touch everything!!!

Take all the balls!!!

Go on everything.

Check out everyone on the treetop hut

And korkor got new gf!

I like this gf. Very sociable.

So cute both of them.

Princess L is so outgoing.

Good job, because if Isaac is anything like the father, he very blur comes to "chasing" girls. Haha

Having a blast in the ballpit!

HS loving the pit finally.

Didi is so fearless. He just jump in and summersault.

Have you seen a baby doing that? Scared die me.

Thanks ladies for taking time to have the play date with our kids

@wokandkadhai @cartier

Living the island lyfe

My loves 😘😘😘

These two are going to be blackhinese

Swim swim

So happy that he saw a mushroom. πŸ„

Morning nap Island style 🌴

Here now. Because they gave us free tasting of the latte paired with the Yuzu red bean mooncake.

Using the black eagle espresso machine and Rwanda musasa beans.