First Library Visit

Sunday afternoon post-rain activity.

Quiet time for both of them.

Since korkor is super interested in books, I don't even have to cajole and supervise him to take a look. #evenmorewin

Read read read.

Didi fell asleep just as we step into the library.

Hurrah for us! Even more quiet time.

Mummy is taking the opportunity to update dayre.

Oh didi woke up. And wanting to join the fun.

Iz me reading books to muh gengz.

Didi doesn't mind sitting on korkor even though korkor has taken over his stroller.

I recently received stack of "Happy Family" cards from Focus on the Family and introduced the "snap" game to Isaac.

He so competitive and manage to catch the gist of the game. Changed up the roles by himself like "match the colours of the cards", or first letter of the wordings besides the usual rules.

He loves it because he gets to win most games.

We are glad he enjoys playing it.

This one ah, always wanting to sweep the floor.

Has his own toys, never plays with them. Only plays with korkors toys.

He only throws his toys around. His not even interested in finding out how his toys work.

Re-starting my sleeping #scoby

Brewing continuous brew kombucha last night.

Woke up this morning to a pool of tea around the vessel!!! The jar has a leak! I think it's the part where the sprout is. So had to pour out 5 liters of tea to the biggest pot I can find and troubleshoot to find out where the leak is.

I did re tighten the sprout and make sure the silicon stopper is really aligned and tight.

Yesterday lunch date with the husband. Found a new tapas place. Pretty decent.

This is stuffed squid with chorizo on squid ink sauce.

Quite nice.

Chorizo paella.

Husbands choice. It was good especially the burnt parts at the bottom of the pan.

Suckling pork terrine. Pork was very tender

Stuffed churro was so good

Chillax baby b

Piano class

I've signed up Isaac for 2 trial piano class. Yesterday we took around united square/goldhill plaza to have a look at enrichment classes.

First we went to taekwando because he was going on and on about ninjago. But when we arrive at the taekwando center, he went all quiet and emo and refuse to step into the center.

Ask him if he's interested to join? He was watching the class in session. He said no. He don't like fighting. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ ok lo.

Taekwando is a no go!

Bumped into a friend who said her daughter is going to a piano class around the corner. It's much cheaper than the mandiville class in united square.

So off we went.

Climbed up the stairs to the studio, Isaac still hasn't freaked out – good sign.
Walked into the studio and he sat on the chair – ok good sign.

Talked to the person about possibility of signing up for music classes. Said person manage to piqued Isaacs interest by asking what he likes.

Isaac obviously said don't like piano,

Don't like guitar.
Don't like violin

πŸ˜‡: Oh then what do you like? You like swimming?

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: *eyes lighted up* Yes I like swimming.

And she showed us around the studio on where the drums are, violin class are, pianos are.


Facebook reminded me of my bachelorette party in Bali 7 years ago.

Thanks ah for rubbing it in my face I've got 10kg more to lose.

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