“Eh take picture of me please”

See the framing of the picture.

Chairs and table in the frame more than the wife


This one win already. 👹👹👹

We’re at Gunther’s for restaurant week!

Cold angel pasta with Caviar.

Actually had high hopes for this.

I didn’t like the sourish hint to it and there was a weird garlicky smell wafting after.

Such a disappointing cold pasta compared to Da Luca in Goldhill, Novena.

My smoke pigeon mains.

Was ok only. Smells really good but pigeon was quite tough. Nothing like Odettes 3 way pigeon. 🤤🤤

Pasta like flap thing and Mushroom was not bad.

Husband roasted langoustine and tomato rice was not bad but so small. Haha.

Close up for the pigeon.

But the desserts was good.

Orange soufflé! Sweet and very light and not eggy at all. Enjoyed every bit of it!


The petite four were very good too.

I like the Canale. So chewy and caramelly and vanillaey.

This afternoon, horsing around with MeiMei Irissa Puah.

Recently this Isaac has been bugging me for a meimei. Kept asking me “when didi bigger already, can you grow a meimei for me please”

How about a no.

Recently I saw and acquaintance wearing this top.

Went and googled the price and it was about SGD600.

Now I know it’s their money and they should spent it how ever they want, but it looked really tattered to me and I just cannot imagine parting with my 600 bucks for a darn tatty tank top!!! I just cannot.


Would you buy it??

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