My two little shits.

The past week has been really trying and tiring.

I totally lost it last night.

I can’t even see them as cute.

All I feel is “tired, tired, tired”

This one woke up at 1.30am whimpering for daddy because of the thunder and lightening.

Dad raised his voice to tell him that tomorrow he can’t sleep in our room anymore on the floor but needs to sleep in his own room because he kept waking us up to sleep with him on the floor on the mattress.

Dad raised voiced effectively woke me up too. And I was trying so hard to fall asleep. And when I did it was 12 + and 1.30 got woken up again.
I told him to shut it once. He whimpered again.

I took my bolster and whack the shit out of him 3 fucking big times and shouted at him to get out of my room. NOW!

I was also irritated at the father for shouting at him just now which woke me up and then his snoring after he went back to sleep on the mattress to lay with Isaac kept me awake.


And this littlest shit kept whining and whining every half an hour n boobing him will make him fall back to sleep but not stay asleep!

Until about 2am I raised my voice at him and ask him to be quiet! He in turn as for formula milk (ask for nen nen n point to the door= milk in bottle). So I had to get up n made 150mls of isomil for him. And then he was ok to drift off to sleep holding my hand.

Ergh. But I was so annoyed at them I couldn’t fall back asleep.

Briefly contemplating quitting this family and go somewhere where nobody can find me.

All the times they play well together, it is also annoying AF when the little brother whacks the older brother. And the older one only knows how to cry and whine.


I’m tired and I need a break!

We were trying to be good parents and brought them to zoo yesterday.

It was hot and then it rain.

I thought we had a good time.

But Donald trump here is fucking annoying and trying to rule and command us on the stroller. Ask us to go here and there rudely.

He refuse to get off the stroller and let didi sit on it. I had to carry didi the whole time.

And I have muscle soreness from gym the day before and I’ve just recovered from a severe neck muscle injury.

This one scared of errrthing. So I had to carry all the time too.

I am exhausted!

Your cuteness did not save you this time!!!

I want out!!!

I hope nobody reports me for child abuse.


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