Last night a few of my uni mates and I were talking about make up. Blending, highlights and contours.

And I started watching YouTube tutorial and stumbled upon this MUA from Indonesia.

OMFG how does she make up her client to look like doll???

So I beckside itchy this morning after dropping off Isaac to mandarin class, decided to play with what limited make up that I have.

Only manage to achieve slightly bigger eyes. Nose still so fat. Eye brows so rigid.

#dayrebeauty #totallyfail

Above picture look very severe ah.
So I blended out sumore the eyebrows.

And on igstory, I received advice on how to achieve that look!

Must have:
1) pupil enlarging coloured contact lens.
2) loads of false lashes which extend out of the end of the eyes
3) more contouring
4) more highlights with lighter colour conceal under eyes, nose bridge and forehead.
5) more practice.
6) Bake the under eye with powder for 5-10mins before blending out.

Omgosh, went and play with a bit of make up and look at the amount of brushes I’ve to wash.

As I was washing them I kept wondering why some of the brushes have with bristles, some black with light too and some solid dark brown.

Anyone knows ah?

Something new I learned since last night.


Laugh die me.

Luckily I know how to bake fer real…

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