Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Today’s make.

Didn’t contour (cos got no time for that shit). Didn’t even put foundation and concealer.

What I did was shaved my eyebrows and made it more straight. N red Lipstik by #mollycosmetics in T.L.C

We went to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum today! It is a museum of natural history and I was really impressed with the amount of exhibit for such a small place.

Looking into the microscope 🔬 of trees cellular level make

These dinosaurs bone are real bones. Not replica.

Underwater exhibit.

I love all the species shown.

The birds really have a vivid coloring.

So pretty colours

Isaac pretending to be a tiger too.

Listening to the explanations at the exhibits.

This cutie patotie also knows how to listen.

And when the explanations is finished, he will say “finish”! Haha

Really listening so intently.

Hahha more listening.

Crocodiles and iguanas

They were really impressive.

Can’t help it. Need to post cos too cute.

When he just woke up.


And after the visit, we decided to cut didis hair.

He cried the whole time. And once we are done, he cock stare the aunty who cut his hair.

He was so mad!!! His face so so black haha. The lady also couldn’t tahan and laughed at him too.

But gave him pooh bear stickers and he was his usual self again after that.

Chose pooh bear cos he recognized it.

Went to the park next to the mall to tire them out after the hair cut.

Wah, resting bitch face is strong in this one. Truly my son.

Having fun down the slide with korkor.


Down the rabbit hole.

Looking so matured here already.

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