Food Allergy update of Isaac and Isaiah.

We are here again.

Today they gave us a tag like those amusement park entrance.

I told Isaac wooo, we r going to a theme park!!
Get your skin prick, wait around germ infested waiting room and get pick and prodded by the dr after a long wait. Hahha.

Isaac SPT.

Cows milk the most upper left super huge.

And the 8 pricks below are the tree nut panel. Cashew is still super huge.

Didi Isaiah SPT.

Everything also allergic la!

Hrmmm I also don’t know how I manage 2 screaming boys getting prick one after another.

Daddy manage to arrive half way through korkors prick.

But no worries. No worse for the wear.

Isaacs update

5 years old and so skinny!!!!

Aiyah but that’s never our concern because always in the mid range height and weight and he’s not the shortest in class.

On the allergy side:
1) milk IgE is on the upwards trend. Not safe to challenge at home.
2) egg IgE level is down going trend and for his age is safe to orally challenge in the hospital. We have an appointment in March to challenge hard boiled eggs.
3) Got him referred to child development center to rule out any behavioral issues.

I’ve mentioned this before where I think Isaac has difficulty adjusting to loud noise, new places and new things.

He will shut down and freak out if something is different.
Example: Sports Day in his school.
Same hall he does sport everyday but on the actual day, it is decorated festively with flags, has loud background music and rows of chairs for parents to watch their kids and many people around.
Refuse to step in the hall, refuse to participate. Meltdown when it gets to much if we ask

him to participate. But when he sees his teachers and friends he is ok. And before the event, we have to psycho him and tell him he can do it, your friends are there. Don’t have to win, just follow your friends to do the activity etc.

Sometimes he participates. Sometimes he don’t like and don’t want and just freeze.

Isaiah’s update.

We did not do a blood IgE test for him because the previous allergist says no need. His previous skin prick test in February shows only cows milk, peanut and egg allergy.

This round fish, peanut, cow milk and eggs is positive.

Allergist did mention that he’s food allergy is atypical than what we see in usual kids.

He developed the allergy after being consuming the allergen for more than 6 months.
He has had fish since 6 months old and develop the allergy after turning 1.

The allergist did say that that Isaiah is the type that may develop allergies to food his consume before over time.

It has something to do with Eosinophilic gut where the eosinophils are in the GI track and his gut learns to be allergic to new food.

F didis life!!!

Ok. Well. Ya.

Don’t know what to do next.

The only thing is to address the new allergy as it comes along and we hope it doesn’t become anaphylactic food allergy.


1) challenge bake egg goods of 1 egg to 12 muffins. And if pass, needs to continue to have it 2-3 times a week for 6 months.
2) he will also have hard boiled egg challenge in the hospital in March to see if he can orally tolerate cooked eggs. *fingers 🤞🏼 * – imagine the possibilities if he can eat eggs 🥚 🍳❤️❤️❤️❤️


1) today we took his blood IgE so review again in 6 months.
2) continue all his baked milk challenge. Keep eating milk baked stuff.
3) do a baked egg challenge of 1 egg to 12 muffins. Same like korkor and keep at it for 6 months if pass.

Sounds like a plan. I’m not gonna be ambitious. And follow what has been planned. And we will see from the baseline of his IgE what to do next.

So far since he develop 2 food allergies to food he previously was ok consuming, we don’t want to risk

or do anything in a rushed manner.

Are you guys reading this having a headache already?

Yea me too. Maybe it’s time to see my psychologist again hohoho.

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