Home for the next 6 days

See through bathroom.

Loving the small lounge area

Love the sheets and bed. So smooth and soft

Checking some emails before the start of back to back meetings.


We started with all the canapés available in the restaurant.

Prawn+pork skin+tamarind+shallots on sweet pineapple

Anti clockwise:
Crabmeat wafer
Prawn in egg basket
Bettlenut leaf+prawn+lemongrass etc
Scallop otah!!

Oyster salad

Crabmeat in coconut cream

Eaten with preserved fried river prawns n fresh local raw veggies

Fried fish with lemongrass n fish sauce.

Tom yum soup with huge ass river prawns.

The whole spread.

Forgot to take pic of the roasted duck red curry.

All sort of Thai desserts.

I can’t remember already but the wafer with coconut cream and golden egg strings so good.

When the Bangkok booking was finalized, I went to check out Gaggan to make reservations.

But missed the 1 month booking in advance dateline by a week.

Looked around and found Nahm as it was relatively nearby to the hotel.

Which means I need to go back to bangkok to have gaggan with the husband. Right husband???

Hug fest yesterday before I left for the airport.

Look at this didi.


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