Xmas came early for the Puah brothers.

Christmas tree is up 3 days ago!!!

Here they all are trying to be helpful.

Like, extremely helpful.

Because they put it up all by themselves.

In a speedy Gonzales way.

With massive help (like 90%) from daddy.

Cos mummy was chilling in the couch just taking helpful pictures.

They were so proud!

Repeat photo to show the star on top.

And cos I cannot resist both their proud face!

Didi willing to stand for pictures.

Came back from lunch and I see them playing with the laundry basket.

So fun hor.

Guess who finally has his own scooter? And helmet and elbow and knee guards!

Ahhahaha too cute.

But he hated his helmet. He kept crying to get it off.

Korkor has a new helmet and knee and elbow guards too.

But I think all the protective gears are too restrictive for them.

Didi in action!

They get to open some of their presents early.

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