Marie Kondo-ed Isaacs toys and books


Isaac, we are Marie Kondo-ing your toys away.

And we categories the toys to/
1) super heroes
2) vehicles
3) playdoh
4) wooden toys.

So far 2 big XL plastic bags is filled and thrown away. 2 more XL paper bag is filled with still good toys but outgrown. I may throw away because don’t know who/where to give.

Later tonight, mummy will filter sumore his vehicle and super hero’s box. Cos cannot fit into the ikea box and be closed.

Left with toys part 1 👆🏼

Toys part 2.

This is his books. I feel like leaning it out more. Because daddy was in charge of books, not much was thrown. Less than 5 books.

And didi duplo at the bottom.

And also 3 scooters and 1 bicycle outside.

That is it. And there are unwrap toys under the Christmas tree and I shudder at the shit they’re gonna bring back from KL.

Oh side note, can’t wait to go back KL for 10 days next week!!!!

Awesome pawsome.

I really can’t wait to eat my moms Christmas roast dinner!!!!!

It’s been years since I had them roast leg of lamb, turkey and mushroom soup.


I’m glad he went through all his toys on which to keep and which to throw.

At first he was super frustrated that there was a big mountain of toys to clear.

I kept reassuring him I will help him and that I will also clear out didis toy and he do his toys.

He kept wiping away shadows of tears/rubbing eye cos the task seem so insurmountable!

But I keep at it and help him by labeling the white ikea storage box as above and he gladly put them in slowly.

Some things he was quite brutal la.

Like the roly poly police car that had an arm broken he said to throw.

Then he kept whining abit here and there about so much toys and I said “yes, you have so much toys, aren’t you lucky you have so many?”

And he kept quiet. I also said some of the still good ones, I will donate it hoping he will give up some good toys. He didn’t, and those I manage to cull were old babies toys.

I did ask didi whether he wants them and didi said “no, don’t want!”

I ask again are you sure??? He looked at them and shook his head no.

Well, of course it’s a no because he has no interest in babies toys! He only wants to play with korkors toys. So it made it easier for him to decide.

Overall I’m glad we did some decluttering because
1) move all toys and books out of Isaacs room due to his dust mite allergy
2) Isaac can finally take stock of ALL HIS TOYS

3) I could throw some of the broken toys and some miscellaneous toys that Isaac ok-ed me to throw. No feelings of not acknowledging what he wants and blatantly discard stuff.

Win win. Although I did filter out a few repeated toys like McDonald’s Thomas the engine happy meal toy.

The rest I kept!

I hope after this he knows where all his toys belong and won’t simple chuck everything here and there.

I did not throw a single small Lego because those has a place inside his cupboard and in his room.

He is not allowed to play them outside of his room because didi will also want to play. And it’s a choking hazard.

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