Eczema BEGONE!!!

A couple of days ago, we popped by a pharmacy to stock up on medications and creams for the boys.

I vaguely remembered the allergist and dietician mentioning a cream to use and asked us we have tried it.

It’s called Ceradan with Ceramide in it. We said we have not but have been wet wrapping the boys chronic eczema and seems to soften the skin but not completely make the eczema go away.

We chances upon it in the pharmacy here and bought 1 small tube to try it out.

We bought the 30gm tube and when I got back, I told our Helper to use it on Isaiah particularly his ankle which has raw wound from his constant scratching form the eczema. He also has eczema patches randomly all over his thighs, back of the knees and wrist. He has also been wet wrapping everyday to sleep and the skin with no eczema is smooth and soft and the eczema Patches are still there but not angry looking.

Today I had a look at it, and the ankle wound is healed and the eczema patch is softer looking. It’s almost clearing up!!

Omg. It’s amazing or what???

Tomorrow I’m going to try it out on Isaac. I need to take a picture of Isaacs skin on the before treatment and a few days on Ceradan to show you guys the improvement.

I did not start it on Isaac first because I just wanted to do my own unblinded controlled trial with my boys. Isaiah receiving the treatment and Isaac the control (current regimen)


And also to head back to the pharmacy and get more Ceradan. The 30gm tube is almost finished in 2 days.

I’m also gonna hunt down the complete range to use it on them.

Our physiogel and physiogel AI + wet wrap with steroid is not cutting it for them anymore.

@justpeachy when u come back to Malaysia, stock this up!!! It’s almost a miracle with scientific formulation.

Wet Wrap

Wet wraps are bandages wrapped over emollient and/or topical steroids over hot, red, weeping eczema.

We soak the tubular bandages in hot water plus bath oil. On the boys skin when it’s flaring, we apply mometasonen over it followed by physiogel. Then the squeeze out excess water from the presoaked tubular bandage over the affected areas.

Followed by another dry tubular bandage over the wet bandage to protect the clothes and to keep them from scratching it.

We used tubifast and comes in various sizes for various parts of the body.

This is how it will look like once wrapped.

It has helped their lichenfied and leathery eczema a lot by softening it and made it less angry.

Isaac finally has some smooth skin after scratching constantly. But it’s still not enough to make it like a baby skin la.

So I’m really excited to apply he Ceradan and the wet wrap over to see if it will greatly improve his skin. I’m confident it will.

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