Happy new year πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ† everyone.

Ending my year quietly rereading this to treasure the things I love and letting go the things that don’t.

Mental clarity will come along after that.

Signing off 2017 with ultra cute pictures of Isaac and Isaiah.

I don’t know when he learned how to smile like this but it is super adorable and endearing.

I think he’s getting more handsome. Or maybe I just like this smiley face version. Just like the dad. 😍😍😘😘

Still being sweet to each other.

(Mama has eaten too many sweets, hence the double chin)

Heheheh ask him to smile again and he gives us this.


I know that 2018 will also go buy in a jiffy. Beep beep!!

Drink of choice to celebrate the countdown, kombucha of course!


Oh so many pictures to share!!

Isaac mighty proud of himself for fixing this 90% all by himself.

Edit: the husband just told me he did it all. 100%. Hubs only guided him here and there.

And this guy was so happy to be cleaning the please for 1/2 an hour yesterday. Took a photo and the pleased face is given.

Also wanted to remember Isaiahs dexterity at 21 month old.

He could slot in the bullets and shoot me with it. I must say he has very good fine motor skills.

That’s his Xmas Lego duplo toy.


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