School Drop off. Epipen training.

School drop off today!

As usual Isaac shut down and refuse to follow the teachers to get in line to be placed in the correct class. At least 3-4 teachers have to coax him.

There was an assistant which I think is in his class the blue top one reminded me of you @Sunorchid 😍😍😍 she knelt and held his face to ask him to follow her.

After much coaxing only he left begrudgingly to his class. I didn’t follow them in case he freaks and breaks loose.

Spoke with the new principal today too.

Told her about Isaacs allergy and sought her permission to teach his class teacher.

Also told her about Isaacs assessment and where we need the help of his last years teachers assessment of his anxiety.

Passed her the assessment form so his previous teachers can rate him. I told her not to sugar coat the report because there is some issue and I want it to be a true reflection of him. Also mentioned that they can ask other teachers who have worked with him before to input as well.

Training done to his teachers on how to use epipen ✅

Passed her a pouch of zrytec. Explained when to use it. Explained when to use epipen.
Let her practiced it. Which injection site and all.

This year teacher much more receptive to it.

Told her to not separate out Isaac during meals time cause it causes more harm than good. He is able to not touch other kids food as he knows he is allergic.

Gave her a copy of graphic chart what to do Incase of emergency too.

#foodallergy #epipen

Now, breakfast after all that hustling.

Actually no la. The teachers hustle more than me.

Just had a flashback of Isaac being separated at school during meal times.

I was reading an article on autism and being “different”.

And it just hit me that food allergy is a “Disability”.
I googled definition of “is food allergy a disability” and according to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) it’s a yes. Because disability is defined as a physical or mental inpairment that substantially limits one of more major life activities of an individual.


I have a lot to digest. I feel jittery.

Then according to UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with

Disabilities, he should have been reasonably be accommodated.

Did I do the wrong thing by not confronting the teacher about them ostracizing him during meal times?

Is this what contributed to his anxiety??

Is his anxiety my fault because we fail to identify that it was a “disability”


Siow liow Siow liow.

This Monday (Tuesday) blues is too real.

Anyway, during lunch time I spied on them from the cctv.


Isaac is home having lunch and omg. Look at that little monkey.

What is he doing? Got knows! Climbing chairs and what not.

And when I got home, he was on the couching playing with captain America. On the top. Just one false move and his head could hit the railings and concrete ledge behind.

Does he care? Of course not!

First day back at school makes you want to rummage through old toys and play with them right?

Because, in his words, school was boring.

Ok boss. Boring. Use your imagination at home then.

Side effects from kitchen decluttering.

So many Syrup medication that we don’t need.

Luckily husbands clinic assistant is taking them.

Phew. If not, down the rubbish chute it goes.

I Ask Batdude to get me this. It’s a mop / broom holder.

Best thing ever!!

Behold!!! My work of art.

Brooms and dustpan has a place and they will always go back.

And most importantly, Isaiah will not steal them and pretend sweep the house anymore!

And it looks neat. Cos I OCD.

And no, I did not line the brooms up for this picture. When I went to take a picture, it was already like this. Helper did it. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💯💯💯📈📈📈

Have written a note in the parent teacher communication book.

I hope it doesn’t sound too antagonistic.

Excuse the bad handwriting (because everything is typed nowadays).

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