So cute this Isaac.

Facebook reminder of his first week at kindergarten!


His cheeks was also quite fluffy. I forgot it was that soft.

I’m going to commit to taking photos of my meals.

Need to go back to #portion control and my #paleo meals.

As a diary for me to remember what I eat too.

Everyone who passed by me in pantry is shocked at the amount I eat.

Ok, stir fry kale (more the better right) with vinegar pork trotter. To be fair it’s all bones and skin. Threw away all the skin & fat cause I was full and just felt geli after a while.

It’s not THAT much. Haha.

90% commented the smell is so good, followed by “Wah so big”. One even made an instastory about how much I eat.

Clearly my portion control is skewed!!!! Hahha.

Haha that’s me everybody!!!

My strengths. It’s nice that my company wants to invest in our strength develop us further.

But if you look closely there is a hokkien interpretation to the strengths.

Hahha. Is this really me guys?

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