Pancake for Egg-challenge| Epic Meltdown

Today I made pancakes for Isaacs egg baked challenge.

I notice he hated the muffin recipe by the allergist because it’s too dry. I told the dietician about it and she suggested pancakes.

They looked beautiful.

Each individual pancake was measured out precisely due to how much egg proteins we needed to calculate in each pancake.

Today’s goal was to eat 1 bite.

Oh boy.

The pancakes cooked beautifully.

I had to then put it in the oven at 180•C at 30mins to make sure the egg protein is denatured.

Cooking it on stove just doesn’t change the protein structure of the egg.

The minute he knew I was finished cooking it, he had an epic meltdown of a blizzard proportion.

He couldn’t and would not calm down after us reasoning with him.

He cried sooooo hard and long.

In the end I had to force him into his room to calm him down. Still couldn’t.

I spied his beloved ninja go Lego Jay and lightning jet.

I told him, if he doesn’t stop crying in 3 seconds I am going to throw it away.

I said it because he keep screaming to throw my pancakes away.

So, instead of him throwing my pancakes, I said I will throw away his precious toy.

Lifted it up and I went out the front door.

The screaming ensured (this one quite bad). Batdude talked to him nicely again and tried to tell him to calm down. Obviously not going to work.

Screamed until he couldn’t scream anymore. I opened the front door then and told him “I will give you back jay, if you take one bite of the pancake”

Lo and behold guys. He took a bite. About adult thumb size.

Considered a success la.

After 3-4 hours still no reaction.

We are suppose to continue tomorrow with 1/8 of a pancake but had to abort mission.

His nose was all clogged up, and he developed very bad runny nose.

He was sniffling the whole morning but this bout of intense crying brought on the runny nose kau kau.

So difficult to get an anxious boy to try something new.

Now that we’ve had time to relax after putting kids to bed, feed them and clean them, me and bad dude thinks he couldn’t deal with trying out the egg challenge hence the melt down.

Can you imagine, he was so scared and anxious that he meltdown.

Aiyoooo poor boy. He really needs help.

Anyhow, I’m really happy about how the pancake looks.

It’s really yummy too because the recipe calls for quite a high sugar ratio.

But I guess to get the kids to eat, have to be yummy right?

And next time I shall use other oil instead of coconut oil. Too strong smell for Isaac.

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