We all know who the boss is.

Good morning everybody!

Last night the little boss played hide and seek.

Although he looked like kena punished.

Rare moments in the park

So happy to be able to run around without caution

Scooting around and then pausing for people to cross.

Last Saturday, we went to @doooduuu open house.

But only manage to take pics of the kids.

Forgot to take pic of ourselves, I forgot to take pic of food and most importantly the house.

I really like how the hall looks out to the park with swings and slides. And a school is right next to the block!!! It’s so convenient and pretty quiet.

Reality of the pictures haha.

During the night we also went to another friends house for open house.

Didi really made himself right at home.

Last Sunday I took this cutie patootie and his brother out for coffee in the morning.

Sahhh cute.

Brother also cute la when his not screaming his head off.

Then wanted a go on the paw patrol ride.

No coins was inserted.

So happy going off to fetch korkor back from class.


Today’s dinner.

Air fried chicken and steam broccoli

Oh no, the kids discovered all the kept soft toys. No soft toys because of their dust mite allergies.

But didi has taken to hugging them. So ok la.

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