Officially SG-an

Breakfast of 1 sunny side and 3 breakfast maple sausages.

Woahhh did you know K2 kids have to do spelling for English and Chinese?

They’ve really ramped it up this year.

2 weeks into the school year, we’ve got to le them know 5 words to spell provided by the school. There’s a date, but I’m not sure is it the “assessment” date for the spelling on that particular week. I think it is.

Scrolled through my photo album and this Isaac took pictures of his note “to his friend” and ask me to send it to his moms friend.

And some Chinese words too.

I only recognize “siao”

My son officially knows more Chinese than me.

After all the crying this morning, we are ready for the school run. Another wet morning, luckily not downpour like Monday.

Where I got my work clothes wet all the way to my panties. Soaking!

Another note he wrote last Saturday to his best friend to ask for a play date at his house.

Ok la pass. Can communicate with writing ✍️👍🏼

Wow guys.

I just pledged allegiance to the Republic of Singapore.

This is a big change, yet everything is the same.

Commissioner of Oaths then welcome us.

New year, new citizenship.

My new temporary pink ic guys. Haha 😂


Leftover lamb chop, baked mustard chicken, simple salad and stir fry asparagus.

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