Clothes Decluttering Round 3\4

Breakfast of yakiniku salad and poached egg.

Hi is me.

Marie kondoing my wardrobe again.

Round 3 or 4?

Since I’ve stopped pumping at work I’m gonna get rid of all my maternity and nursing clothes and put them up for sale or to throw.

Manage to sell 1 since putting it up few days ago.

Progress so far.

These are the bunch haven’t sort them out yet.

I went by categories
1) bra and panties
2) swimwear, socks
3) sports bra and sports clothes

Now tackling lounge clothes.

Wtf do I need so much “home clothes” for.

You know those clothes. Not nice to wear outside but to keep one day to wear inside house.

Previous rounds I’ve gotten rid of all T-shirt’s that were given by company n signing up for events.

Now touching everything to make sure i really don’t like them.

These 2 big box are easy.

Maternity and nursing clothes.

And clothes that I don’t like the colour and those when I wear them, they don’t flatter me and I don’t look good in them.

These are all my white tops.

I’m asking myself now, do I need to many white tops?

Obviously not!!!!

Looking at this pile I already know which one I confirm I cannot throw one. So ok, that makes it easier.

The rest, I don’t even know why I bought them.

80% of my clothes is here!


Wee nam kee steam chicken about 1:4 chicken, some char Siew and soup.

Even after round 3-4 of closet decluttering, I still have 3 big boxes of clothes I don’t want.

Seriously man. I have too much clothes.

I’m certainly not at the minimalism level yet.

But Marie Kondoing my lifestyle is such a marathon. I can’t finish Kondoing my stuff yet because I’m at different stages of life.

At least I know the chapter of being pregnant and nursing is over, I can clear those clothes away with good conscience.

No point holding on to that maternity gown even though it’s beautiful. The gown has done its job of making my bump beautiful at an event.

I still have dinner dresses and gowns in the other wardrobe.

Winter clothes and winter scarfs and accessories.

And 5 t-shirts that Batdude proposed with. (Definitely can’t and won’t get rid of that!)

One day I will get to them.

Then my clothes decluttering will be complete!!

Hopefully by end of this year I can tackle them.

I also love decluttering because I move all the time.

It really helps after reading the Marie Kondo book that I truly only keep what I really like.

So next time when I move, I don’t have to lug 100% if useless stuff and pay movers for it! No money wasted and move only stuff that I love, need and really use.

I’m preparing myself so that when we have our permanent Singapore home, it is only filled with things that are useful and things that we really like.

Speaking of it, Isaac this afternoon has been “decluttering” his and his little brothers toys.

He has been wanting to open didis new Lego duplo box and I told him that he can only open it if he gives away some of his old toys.

1 big plastic bag. Told him to get a plastic bag from the kitchen and start selecting toys he doesn’t want.

He came out with the Taka plastic bag! It was huge. I expected only those fair price medium bags.

He got to discarding his toys and filled it up in no time.

And he said “mummy I still want to give away more toys”.

Ok! Go get another plastic bag. And he came out with another huge plastic bag.

That 2nd plastic bag is 3/4 filled.

I’m quite surprised he’s giving away quite a lot.

Of course I’m not going to throw la. All still so good.

I’m going to carousell it or to give away to the orang asal kids back in Malaysia. Haha.

Ah I totally forgot about my bags and shoes.

Accessories I don’t have much and I have given away those that I don’t want anymore.

Bags and shoes need to be Kondo-ed too.

Ok all target by end of this year!!!

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