Good morning everyone!!!

Don’t want dayre to die so I bought some stickers!!! Lots of stickers.

Eh isit call stickers?

Oh ya, yes it is.

Today also begins my 4 days of no red meat.

I’ve an impending health screening on Friday and need to lay off the red meat for stool occult.

Would like to see if some of my readings have gone down especially my TG and LDL levels.

There’s a breakfast meeting at work today, so I’m on my way.

I got to say, dropping off Isaac to school everyday has made me wake up earlier and try to be disciplined.

I am not a morning person and this is really a big change for me. I’m always squeezing in that extra 10 mins (or 1 hr lol) of sleep and hit the snooze button multiple times.

But, I hope this morning routine can last until the whole year.

Also me this morning.

Down my kombucha before leaving the house.

I think drinking kombucha before sleeping makes me to energized. Couldn’t fall asleep last night. So I’m gonna try it out for morning.

Hopefully no need so much coffee

Breakfast today!

Black tea
2 spring roll (ok la got carb)
3 teriyaki wings
3 Siew mai.

Didn’t take meehoon or pizza.

The best I could pick from the buffet spread.


Yong tau foo.

2 eggs, 1 cuttlefish, 2 brinjal the rest all vegetables.

No noodles, konlo.

2pm snack time!

1 large nectarine and my own bottled kombucha of apple blueberry.

Going to hit the gym soon.

I’ve sacked my previous PT because he did so many high impact moves which gave me my neck and shoulder injury.

Now I’ve a new PT and been with him for about 10 odd sessions and all we do is lift heavy weights. And I love it

Gives me an illusion that I’m strong and I hate cardio and high impact jumping burst moves because I’m so clumsy I will confirm fall.

So far didn’t lose weight but looks a bit toner.

Only way to lose weight fast also HIIT kind of cardio

Which I’m tying to add into lunch time at least once a week.

I lift weights 3-4 times a week so gonna start slow.


Leftover air fried d chicken and roasted thighs.

Stir fry brinjal and okra.

Omg im so full. Shouldn’t have add that extra air fried chicken.

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