Passport & Citizenship Cert Collection

I’m going to try out intermittent fasting today.

Key word is “try”.

I brought my kombucha to drink and if really cannot tahan, going to snack on blueberries which I brought too.

Now off to collect something important!!!


Now can buy CNY plane ticket home.

Soo cute their citizenship cert.

Isaac looks abit convict-ish.

Oh man it’s only 9.15am and I feel a little hungry already.

How to fast ah whole day.

I feel like going down to Starbucks and getting the most sinful drink I can get my hands on.

The new coffee jelly earl grey drink looks decadent.

12.00pm: Lunch and break of fast.

YTF with 2 eggs, 2 brinjal, 2 okra, 1 serving of black fungus, 1 slice of yam the rest all veg.

Hahaha diet? What diet?

2.00pm: Chocolate black tea Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino.

Why do I always torture myself with dairy/cream/milk.

No discipline la me.

Wow this journal of food intake really helps me visually what I’ve eaten.

And, I am what I ate.

So, I am a Frappuccino.

6.15pm: Dinner.

Pan fried barramundi
Stir fry snow peas.

Hahaha I love this!!!

Totally pragmatic.

But I do believe in love, constant communication and understanding.

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