Morning school round.

Took this picture because:
1) wanted to show you (and @strawbee) the #mollycosmetics hot stuff that you were giving away for free is NICE ok!!! Yes it is bright with some coral almost fluorescent pink. Wear the colour and just OWN it.

2) we were waiting for Isaacs schoolmate to walk to school together!!

Classmates until K1, Neighbors and hopefully next year primary schoolmate.


Early morning already sent a scratching email to Isaac kindy.

What do you think?

Too strongly worded and pushy?

Brought my 1 liter of blueberry, peppermint and honey flavored kombucha to work today.

Swig the bottle around and announced “I brought Toddy today!!” Only the Sri Lankan and the Malaysian understood my joke.

Drinking this in the morning before I left for work and now has made me not want to drink coffee.

Don’t need that caffeine boost feeling which I use to get around 10am.

12.00pm: Lunch!

First meal of the day. Was looking forward to this the whole morning!!

Cod fish, avocado, egg and simple salad. No dressing.

Mmmm 😋😋😋😋

2.30pm. Snack time.

Cannot stand already. Feel like eating something sweet.

Finish up the last of my kombucha.

I poured some of it during lunch for my GM. We had lunch at the pantry together and chit chat. Told her it’s moonshine and let’s get drunk together!!

And she commented “no wonder you’re so happy all the time” Hahahah. Yes I get that’s a joke.

3.55pm: another snack!

White nectarine/peach? From the office fruit week.

Didn’t finish my kombucha cos a colleague came and drank a glass.

Omg suddenly heavy Downpour

My shoes are soaked. When I walk it makes squishy sound.

Aiyoooo got to head back to see Jim.

Jim was very nice today.

Did hypertrophy weights. 8-10 reps x 3-4 sets each time.

Oh I’m so hungry now. Can’t wait to eat dinner.

7.15pm: Dinner!

3 pc roasted chicken thighs with onion and chili flakes and coconut aminos.

Stir fry French beans and Asian leafy veg. I have no idea what’s it called.

There’s an overripe mango in the fridge. No ones eating it.

So I shall. Nyomnyomnyom

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