1.00pm. First meal. Eh actually I had a banana before working out.

Herbal chicken soup, steam egg with mince meat and blanch vege. Forgot to ask them to hold the oyster sauce.

Watching Charlie Brown and turn around to say hi to me.


This morning did some HIIT with weights. Thankfully no explosive movements.

I was putting on lipstick 💄 before going out and smeared some on my teeth.

Then Isaiah told me “there’s meat (something) stuck!”

Hahha so observant.

Then suddenly he ran off.

I thought, great! He left me alone to finish my make up.

Then he came back in and climb onto my bed. I didn’t see him because I was finishing up my make up.

He also put “lipstick”

Went out to grab the nearest color pencil which was green!!

And started copying me with the pencil to lip action.

So happy about it sumore!!!

Hahha I only could laugh.

6.45pm dinner.

Plain dosai.

Masala chicken
Stir fry cabbage.

Husbands is fried chicken + plain dosai.

Hi there.


This looks ready for preschool.

True self!

Chipped tooth and all.

With battle scars on his face.

But it’s ok. Because he is happy!

My little monkey monster.

Picture courtesy of my sil.

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