Sashimi for break of fast. Woot.

And the same yakiniku salad with poach egg from last week.


There’s a dog show happening in united square.

Stacking the boxer. The hind legs should be a little more to the back.

2.45 pm snack time.

Grilled squid at the Hokkaido fair.

Omg guys! I’m so happy.

Finally found an affordable food dehydrator!!

Now I can make beef jerky with wild abandonment.

Paleo snacks galore!!!

Celebrate 🎉 🎉🎉🎉

$199 with 10% off because Taka member sale!!!

6 trays. Not too bad la. It’s not massively big.

So happy finally!!

I also bought a bread maker.

Because the previous one has serviced us very well.

@doooduuu @butterball @calistallicious

Thank you for your breadmaker. It has served us well. Now it’s dead haha.

Had half a mango at 4.00pm.

Not sure why so hungry. Before went to Taka also had a banana.

6.00pm dinner.

Indian chicken set.

1 masala chicken and squash and 1 papadom. Ask for half rice and still half a mountain was given.

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