Aiyooo I still can’t sleep.

Darn the kopi o!

Ahhh 10.50am

Break of fast. Couldn’t stand until 12.00pm.

Larabar – peanut butter cookie. Just peanuts, dates and sea salt.

Clean onot?

Nasi goreng ayam bumbu for lunch.

No eating clean. Colleagues farewell

Woot!! Sold 6 items of clothing today.

Later will need to go post office by Smartpac and send them off in boxes!!!

Wahhhh Wah wahhh Huat ah!!

3.30pm. Snack time.

Apple and cold brew.

Wrangled a cold brew from my Sri Lankan colleague who got promoted this year.

Win. But I think I won’t be able to sleep.

I brought 450mls of kombucha 2F with persimmons and have been drinking it after lunch to stave off the post lunch slump.

Only gripe is transporting the glass bottles to and fro work.

Wah guys, today, I have 3 parcel to be posted out from my carousell sale.

I’m a #fakebusinesswoman


6.30pm Dinner.

Air fried chicken 2 pc
Stir fry snow peas
Stir fry brinjal.

Wooot I’ve finally listed all my nursing and maternity clothes on carousell.

That’s fulfilling.

Delivery of Irvin’s dangerous prosperity box today.


Wah Wah Wah. The small fish pack is iridescent one leh.

Eh the small salted potato chips also iridescent.

New flavor just for CNY!

Salted egg Tapioca chips!!

Hmmmmm maybe not enough for the whole extended family.

During dinner, Isaiah stole a fried drumstick to eat.

So enjoy ah.

We don’t stop him. Eating more protein is good.

Hehe only a bit messy.

But look at his cheeky face.

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