Good morning!!

Early morning came in and I see a big jar of roasted cashew.

Cleaner aunty, why you so nice!! 😭😭😭😭

12.35pm. Breaking of fast.

Not a good choice. I had a lunch meeting where was promised lunch. But there was no lunch!!

Bought double cheeseburger and mcchicken.

Shit I’ve forgotten how bad and fake it taste.

So sponge like.

Sobs. Patty so dry

Fffff laaaa. Still hungry and not satisfied at all

1-1 bobo chacha. And the other black glutinous dessert.

Wah so thick.

Aiyo not nice. Threw away after 1 spoon.

Ah so strange. Irvin’s came and just delivered 8 packets of angbao.

So funny. My helper also said “eh u didn’t order? They just come suddenly”

Oh well. Thanks Irvin!


More deliveries to be made for my carousell Business!!

So funny. I’ve been to the post office everyday since Monday! Either to buy more Smartpac or to drop into the post box.

6.05pm Dinner!

Roasted chicken parts with mustard

Zoodles with sesame dressing

Leftover scallops from yesterday.


I look forward to see his spelling book every week.

Not bad. I was worried he don’t know how to spell heart.

This evening I was berating Isaac to clear his mess and keep his toys.

Then I told him:
👩🏻 you know why your toys are so messy??
👦🏻 oh why?
👩🏻 because you have too much toys!!!
👦🏻 then why did you buy me so many toys???
👩🏻 WHAT?

Okay. I will proceed to de clutter more of your toys!

And confirm chop! I won’t buy new toys for you.

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