Back here again for the wings.

And to take the boys to eat somewhere different.

Second course, ten tonic duck soup.

Kushiyaki set from ichiban boshi for dinner.

Isaacs rendition of snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Both their obsession with broom and pan is real.

We went to diaso to get kokor a broom too. Both wanted a dustpan but I think that’s just crazy. At least broom I can slide it behind the book shelves.

But dust pan, where am I going to hide it.

I gave 2 bucks to Isaac to pay for it himself. If he doesn’t pay it himself, then no broom for him.

Teach him to get out of his comfort zone.

Erghhh stress in a understatement.

So trying this two boys in the evening.

Both swept the floor like mad, went cycling after dinner and didi fell off the bike and grazed his elbows very badly.

But the icing of the cake is not that yet.

Isaac was being very rude and a monster.

Walk out of his room and slam the door on didis face. Didi fell right on the edge of the door!

Let out a blood curling scream (me).

Whack this Isaac on his arms. The husband whack Isaac on his bump real hard cos he was wearing diapers.

And hubs also took a plastic ruler to smack his hands.

Ultimate punishment is that no one is going to sleep with him in his room. We don’t care if he cries and not sleep. No laying with him on his bed.

Poor didi.

Got his elbows scrapped and bloodied and got his face smashed on the edge of the door.

He slept off after all that crying. Manage to get the swell down by icing it.

Isaac is still not sleeping. He’s going to suffer tomorrow morning.

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