Sleep Training – Day 2

This is Isaac this morning.
He kept crying and refusing to sleep by himself last night. After a while he stopped crying and took book after book to read.

After the 4th book I told him go lie down on the bed to read, if not, my catwoman voice is coming out. (Cat woman voice obviously scarier than Batman voice la haha)
Scurried back into his room, heard him sniffling meow meow sound and then quiet. It was about 10.15pm when I check on him, he was sleeping soundly in the middle of his bed, wrap

up like a dumpling in his blanket.

He was sleeping on the dads pillow, must be the dads smell. His own pillow don’t want to sleep on.

This is him at 4am, crying loudly wanting someone to sleep with him again.

At least he didn’t barge into our room like he usually does because I told him last night that he’s not allowed in our room anymore.

So the dad got up, walk him to his room, told him to settle down.

Dad will give him 2 mins to fall asleep by himself and then dad will walk out.

Isaac was still crying and sniffling but lying down and mumbling wanting someone to sleep with him blablabla


And the husband came back to the room but couldn’t sleep.

Every sound that he heard, he was half expecting Isaac to cry and run back to our room again.

Fuuuu dunno la.

Everyone’s zombie this morning.

Probably will continue sleep training until CNY holidays where we’re going back to KL and grandparents will undo all the training again.

Wish us luck!

Oh haha wanted to jot down, yesterday we banked in money for lichun.

We also wore red.

This @strawbee already told us what time to bank and wore red, we better do right???

Wooohooo we are going to be richy rich.

Found it funny cos a non Chinese telling a clueless Chinese about this money making blessing thingy.

Ok boss. We trust you. Good chi to have more money. Because this year we will need all the money we can get.

Want to buy a place ma!

First meal of the day (don’t tell anyone I had half a handful of cashew nuts)

Lunch at 12.00pm.

Salad with barramundi fish and cod fish.

1.15pm slump.

Onde onde and black coffee.

6.40pm dinner.

Air fried pork ribs, stir fry bakchoy and broccoli.

Wow so 2nd day “sleep training” for Isaac.

Read 1 story book and told him he can do whatever he wants in his room. As long as he doesn’t come out.

I was not outside because was putting Isaiah down for sleep. I could hear him bargaining and saying that his hungry etc.

Came out about 9am and told him “u want catwomen voice to shout at you now? Go into your own room and don’t come out.”

And he went in. And didn’t come out until 15-20 mins later.

Did his puppy dog eyes and ask the father to sleep with him.

We said no. U can leave the door open, but you can’t come out the room.

Then he ask if daddy can adjust the aircond because it was too hot. He wanted it cooler. So daddy went and made it cooler and said good night. “U can keep the door open but u can’t come out anymore.”

At about 9.45pm went to check on him, he was sound asleep! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😴😴😴😴😴


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