Isaac slept by himself most of the night.

Slept off at 9.30ish himself and at about 12.30pm we heard him crying outside our door.

Husband got up to usher him back to his room and sat with him for 2 mins. He manage to sleep off and only woke up this morning when the Helper went and wake him up about 7am.

We asked him to tick off the calendar because he manage to sleep by himself the whole night again.

Reward after 5 nights will be to open one of his Lego Xmas presents!

Brought these from home for healthy snacking before I break my fast.

But I think I’m going to go through the blueberries even before 10am.

Why my resolve so weak!

Meetings through lunch.

Basil Thai chicken from Nara Thai.

3.10pm snack time.

I can’t stand it. I’m soooo hungry. Went downstairs to get inari tuna because I figured bean curd is protein and tuna is protein. Should be sustainable until 6.30pm

Came home and there was this bag on the table.

My helper ask me did I order. Cluess me also don’t know what’s happening.

Luckily I got the suspect correct! Ahahha

She’s one generous and cray cray person. Don’t worry about ever going hungry with her around!

Eh Omg!!

And waiting in my room there’s another parcel!!!

Thank you!!!!

From another different person but equally as generous. Hohoho.

6.00pm. Dinner time.

Roasted chicken thighs with bell peppers.

Cauliflower rice.

Stir fried sweat pea.

Wohooo. Isaac slept before 9.30pm.

After much warning of telling him not to step out of the room and he can do whatever he wants in the room. He must also not make too loud of a sound.

Whined a few times complaining it’s cold, saying we are too loud and that he doesn’t like his room.

Reminded him again that as long as he’s in his room and with the doors open he can do whatever he wants.

And by 9.20pm, no more noise from him.

Winning by baby steps.

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