Saturday after CNY leave.

Been back to work for 2 days and yesterday Went to the gym for the first time in 2 weeks. I am shack!I couldn’t get up this morning for my 11am PT session. Plus, didi was coughing the whole night and vomited his pleghm out. Cue the hourly night waking. By 6.30am he ask for milk and like a zombie had to go out to make him a bottle. He never ask for milk usually so he must be super thirsty. Boobing was not enough for him. This was Isaiah last night eating bacon from daddy and asking for “some more”. Note his husky voice.

Omg guys. Just sort off woke up and stood on the weighing machine. And *drumroll*

This is the lightest I’ve been in over a year!!!! 71.7kg!!!

What did the trick was cutting out egg yolk and animal fat. Previously mentioned on dayre my PT and I was wondering why I was not losing weight even though I kena tekan dam bad by him. So we agreed to try this strategy to see if it helps.

It’s almost 2 weeks and also binging throughout Chinese New Year and I lost 2kg almost!!! Jeng jeng jeng.

Taking out egg yolk is easy for me. But animal fat was harder! And serendipitously, I saw it was lent and Cikumuffin was observing it and I decided to follow her too!

I’ve not had meat in 2 weeks. Meat is my weakness. I love my medium done steaks. But these 2 weeks I substituted with loads of seafood.

My sil was impressed because she knew I went for bbq mookata and didn’t have any meat. I told her I had prawns and squid and clams. Have you tried grilling the clams on the mookata grill? Nice leh!

And I did not have any bakwa so far.

I also stopped eating my beef jerky.

It’s ok! After Easter I can have meat again. It’s not like it’s forever.


Because I vain. Weigh myself again before taking a shower.

What!!! 70.8kg. After peeing and nakeddddd.

Thai for lunch. First meal of the day.

Ordered steam sea bass because it’s on promo too and a mango salad.

Can’t wait. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

In the late afternoon I took my Helper to renew her contract and get her home leave application done.

Isaiah just woke up and was being quite clingy and didn’t let me leave the house, so we brought him along!

He was so happy to sit on the bus, terrorizing the personnel working in the agency with demands of:

  1. wanting a pen to sign something because I was holding one to sign the contract
  2. “Want paper” because I was signing on a paper too
  3. “Want money” because i paid for the fees and he wanted the money
  4. “Want water” because he saw the ladies water bottle and wanted a sip too

So funny la. The agency ppl couldn’t help but tease him with the money and water thing. Also not shy ah this boy, demand things here and there.

Dinner time at 6.30pm. Had aburi mentaiko kaisen don with salmon sashimi. Left 75% of the rice. Was still quite full from lunch.

Then went grocery shopping and called it a day.

Isaiah looked better today. No more fever but still has some chesty cough. Knocked out during bed time quite fast too.

7 thoughts on “Saturday after CNY leave.

    1. Yea man really cutting out animal fat and egg yolk worked for me since I’m eating quite keto/paleo liow. But portion control is still my weakness. I also like to eat a lot!


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