Sunday. House viewing

First meal of the day. Lunch at 11.30am. Had Saba, veg tempura, salmon sashimi and chawan mushi. Not a drop of rice.

Took pics of them in their hats. Isaac being extra with his Brolly. Got that hot meh? Isaiah attempted to show the peace sign.

Both of them trying to touch each other hands. So cute.

Otw back from lunch got tired of holding didis hand. Big brother to the rescue. Must shield his didi from sun also he said. But you know where most of the umbrella was shading. Haha.

So glad they can eat bakwa. I need them to put on weight. 1 bakwa is 300 calories right? Wohoo. Eat la eat.

First house viewing

Nice place. Huge pool.

Both the kids running around and having a good time.

  • Pros:Master bedroom was huge with hidden walk in toilet. Airy sunken bath tub. Walked in and had a nice feeling
  • Cons: master bedroom position is in my total lost position and husbands bad luck position. Kitchen quite small. Common bath room smallish. Common bedrooms are sososososo small. Can only fit single bed each and no more space.

I guess it’s a no even though it’s quite windy. Only the MB is good size. Everything is a dud 👎🏼

Second viewing

  • Pros: good directions, decent size bedrooms. Huge common bathroom, good size master bedroom. Directions of master bedroom and kitchen is good. Both other rooms are in ok positions too. Living room spacious, kitchen workable. Utility room can be converted to helpers room. Has a diff section for dining. Overall feel was not bad even though it’s not 100% wow. But I’m growing to like it.
  • Cons: price! Hahaha duh.

So we made and offer and if owner is agreeable then we will take it and end our search.

And that means…

We will finally have our first home in Singapore!

Ah so our offer was rejected. Definitely did not low ball and gave a price slightly higher than the last transacted price. Owner was very firm and only want to sell at his quoted price. Too bad.

Have to keep looking.

Dinner time 6.50pm. Saba fish with kimchi soup.

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