Development assessment

Wow last night was a terror. Isaiah wouldn’t stop crying. He woke up about 1.40am and cried his lungs out until 4.00am. Nothing pacified him until at 4.00am I couldn’t take it anymore, I went out and put him in the bouncer and climbed back to my bed to attempt to sleep.

Needless to say he cried the house down in his super honking cry kind of sound. Woke his brother and father up. Sigh!!!

Woke up so groggy. My legs are so wobbly.

Feel better after having my breakfast of smoked salmon, fried egg minus yolk and butterhead lettuce.

Annoyed at Isaiah because I’m suppose to be rested and paying attention this morning.

We are here now. I think probably know what the autism doctor going to say (negative for diagnosis) but I want her to confirm and suggest an action for his high anxiety.

Vital stats: 18kg, 113cm

Plan for Isaac

So preliminary assessment for autism with this consultant was good. She explains things quite well. Clearly guidance on how to help him was discuss. Nothing bombshell kind of statement. Basically nothing new that we already don’t know. We agreed on his management together

  1. Get psychologist to help him with his anxiety
  2. Get psychologist to access his social skills.
  3. Not to get him formally assessed as sometimes this label is stuck with him his whole life. It may not be a good time if proven otherwise
  4. Monitor him for couple of years to see if his “freaking out” at new situation improves.
  5. If all hell break lose during primary and he cannot cope, then we will revisit getting him formally assessed.

She does agree he is high functioning. No need extra support other than what is recommended. Mainstream school will be okay for him. He doesn’t need to go to pathlight or any special school.

He did ignore the doctor as usual, but he did engage with her on and off and answered some questions directed to him.

Dr says he is listening but pretending to be ignoring the new situation. Because new situation is scary for him and he retreats to himself and he is safe in his own mind, his own space. It did help a little when we prep him about visit to the doctor.

I told him we are seeing a doctor and she’ll talk to you, so please answer her. She wants to know if your happy or sad Isaac. He’s response when I said is to ignore me too. Haha.

Otherwise the visit was fruitful. Will get a psychologist appointment soon.

We were done at 10am and Isaac wanted to go McDonald’s. KKH ma, post review sure go have some French fries. Since it’s still breakfast time he had happy meal hash brown only.

I was dam shack from the non sleeping due to Isaiah so I wanted to whack food. Fillet o fish it is! I ate everything including the bun.

Then had an early lunch. Walk over to the new Marriott courtyard at 11am and had bagel. Cheese bagel with smoked haddock. It is so good!!!!! I love it.

Obviously today is not paleo.

Got back from work and had dinner around 7.15pm. I’m having loads of backlog at work. Currently taking on a stretch assignment so my FTE is 1.5 person. I’m going to chiong for 6-9months. And not only that, I have major fillings to do.

Bring it on

I’m totally liked being slave driven.

Shit Isaiah says

This morning he complained to the helper

“Yaya I cry yesterday because mummy beat me”

It’s true I smack his butt because we wouldn’t stop crying for 2 hrs straight.

When I got back from work the helpers turn to let me know he basically complaint but errthing.

๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป yaya, I want bread

๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐Ÿณ*hands him bread*

๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป I don’t want! Not nice.

Next he ask for banana and said the same thing. Same goes for milk. Ask for milk then tells her he doesn’t want because it’s not nice.

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