ECDA Food Allergies Sharing in Pre-nursery

Mushroom frittatas
1 sausage
1 egg.

Gym time before lunch.

I’ve been told by PT and lots of ppl around me that the only way to lose weight fast is cardio.

So this is me attempting to fit in cardio in my lyfe.

Okay. 383 calories.

Wow really takes up time. I’ll see if I can only cardio 35mins max and hit 350 and above next round.

Lunch of 1 and 3/4 grilled pork chop.

Ran out of greens I suppose.

Wah feel extremely tired after the workout and lunch got no carbs so body couldn’t recover?

Went down and get a cup of fruits.

So, I was invited to share our thoughts on food allergies in preschools.

There were parents, school representatives and allergist from every hospital as also dietician.

People from MOH was also there to observe as ECDA will have a discussion with them in the coming weeks on food allergy management in prenursery.

I love that this is a stepping stone to a validated voice of food allergies.

I really hate it with FB group sharing nonsense and quasi medicines.

Evidence based is the way.

I’ve been looking sometime now for a proper food allergy support group in Singapore and there is none that is very visible.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up a registered society. Luckily I’ve asked the dietician if she knew of any and she pointed me to this group.

The ECDA Sharing was also coincidental.

Good for my personality type I suppose where I would really want to do something about advocating our kids allergies.

The author of this book was in my focus group and she provided valuable insights on primary school too.

There were some aspects that I didn’t think about yet because our kids not in primary school and there’s no way for us to know.

Proud mama moment!!

Isaac just had his first spelling test. Happy to see it was done well.

Dinner was so unhealthy.

Ate at five tapas.

Had wings, garlic cockles, meatballs, fried gizzards, fried pork belly, fried sio bak, and grilled squid

Bacon, ham and sunny side up for breakfast.

Could not stomach the ham because it tasted so sour. It’s the fair price brand.

Told Helper not to get it anymore. Stick to bacon from qbfood only.

Mexican for lunch!

Protein salad combo with sides of tortilla chips!

We are now here for our parenting workshop.

Signpost for building better behavior.

Also, wangs kopi o kosong to concentrate.

Didi is so determined to cycle.

Attempts at cycling – age 21.5 months.

Mushroom frittata for breakfast

Salad for lunch!

Salad leaves, mashed tuna(no mayo), 1 hard boiled egg, some truffle cheese. No dressing.


Grass fed rib eye.
Green beans stir fry
Simple salad no dressing.

Over the weekend we celebrate my sil birthday.

She drove down to Singapore with her bf and mil.

I forgot how good da Luca is. Ok la I remember, but pasta give me very bad gas.


I can eat this everyday!!!

We ordered 2 to share amongst 5 adults. Cos it’s💰. But so worth it.

Cold capellini with truffle, uni and Hokkaido scallops. So so good. $88

Miles apart from Gunther’s.

This was light and refreshing and morish. Mmmm salivating just thinking about it.

My mains of cod specially done for me cos I kenut gluten.

Husband was really sweet. He preordered the dessert as a birthday cake for sil.

Chocolate lava cake with molten pistachio sauce. And hazelnut ice cream at the side.

One of the better lava cakes I’ve eaten.

Sooooo sooooo good.

Then I had stomach ache after cos I also cannot lactose.

But worth the stomach ache.

Happy 34th SN!!!

Ya they all look very young one.

👦🏻 ah kor, can take pic of Mickey Mouse and me with mummy??

Sil 📷: ok! (Faster take)

So rare this emo guy willingly ask for a photo.

Sil 📷: didi, faster kiss mummy!

👶🏻: *side eyes sil and pretends to kiss me*

Sil: kiss properly!

👶🏻: *still refuses to kiss.

Isaac is oblivious

Sil also brought down their bikes we recently got them.

Finally! They can ride because the rain has stopped.



Typical when you have kids.

First born quickly grabs didi scooter and had a go.


Weeeee!!! 💨

The little devil.

Omelette with breakfast sausage.

Aiyooo it’s so cold and ☔️ wet morning.

Leftover lamb chop(I hope it’s the last of it), leftover baked mustard chicken and simple salad.

A bit much, I’ll update you if can finish all. I suspect can hahahha.



Grill pork chop and stir fry green beans.

Next loot for the kids are here.

Wanted to get something long sleeve for Isaac cause he’s been saying that Chinese class is cold.

Ended up with so many other stuff. Hahha. Opps

This Batman wellies and charcoal boats for didi is dam cute.

Officially SG-an

Breakfast of 1 sunny side and 3 breakfast maple sausages.

Woahhh did you know K2 kids have to do spelling for English and Chinese?

They’ve really ramped it up this year.

2 weeks into the school year, we’ve got to le them know 5 words to spell provided by the school. There’s a date, but I’m not sure is it the “assessment” date for the spelling on that particular week. I think it is.

Scrolled through my photo album and this Isaac took pictures of his note “to his friend” and ask me to send it to his moms friend.

And some Chinese words too.

I only recognize “siao”

My son officially knows more Chinese than me.

After all the crying this morning, we are ready for the school run. Another wet morning, luckily not downpour like Monday.

Where I got my work clothes wet all the way to my panties. Soaking!

Another note he wrote last Saturday to his best friend to ask for a play date at his house.

Ok la pass. Can communicate with writing ✍️👍🏼

Wow guys.

I just pledged allegiance to the Republic of Singapore.

This is a big change, yet everything is the same.

Commissioner of Oaths then welcome us.

New year, new citizenship.

My new temporary pink ic guys. Haha 😂


Leftover lamb chop, baked mustard chicken, simple salad and stir fry asparagus.

We all know who the boss is.

Good morning everybody!

Last night the little boss played hide and seek.

Although he looked like kena punished.

Rare moments in the park

So happy to be able to run around without caution

Scooting around and then pausing for people to cross.

Last Saturday, we went to @doooduuu open house.

But only manage to take pics of the kids.

Forgot to take pic of ourselves, I forgot to take pic of food and most importantly the house.

I really like how the hall looks out to the park with swings and slides. And a school is right next to the block!!! It’s so convenient and pretty quiet.

Reality of the pictures haha.

During the night we also went to another friends house for open house.

Didi really made himself right at home.

Last Sunday I took this cutie patootie and his brother out for coffee in the morning.

Sahhh cute.

Brother also cute la when his not screaming his head off.

Then wanted a go on the paw patrol ride.

No coins was inserted.

So happy going off to fetch korkor back from class.


Today’s dinner.

Air fried chicken and steam broccoli

Oh no, the kids discovered all the kept soft toys. No soft toys because of their dust mite allergies.

But didi has taken to hugging them. So ok la.

Pancake for Egg-challenge| Epic Meltdown

Today I made pancakes for Isaacs egg baked challenge.

I notice he hated the muffin recipe by the allergist because it’s too dry. I told the dietician about it and she suggested pancakes.

They looked beautiful.

Each individual pancake was measured out precisely due to how much egg proteins we needed to calculate in each pancake.

Today’s goal was to eat 1 bite.

Oh boy.

The pancakes cooked beautifully.

I had to then put it in the oven at 180•C at 30mins to make sure the egg protein is denatured.

Cooking it on stove just doesn’t change the protein structure of the egg.

The minute he knew I was finished cooking it, he had an epic meltdown of a blizzard proportion.

He couldn’t and would not calm down after us reasoning with him.

He cried sooooo hard and long.

In the end I had to force him into his room to calm him down. Still couldn’t.

I spied his beloved ninja go Lego Jay and lightning jet.

I told him, if he doesn’t stop crying in 3 seconds I am going to throw it away.

I said it because he keep screaming to throw my pancakes away.

So, instead of him throwing my pancakes, I said I will throw away his precious toy.

Lifted it up and I went out the front door.

The screaming ensured (this one quite bad). Batdude talked to him nicely again and tried to tell him to calm down. Obviously not going to work.

Screamed until he couldn’t scream anymore. I opened the front door then and told him “I will give you back jay, if you take one bite of the pancake”

Lo and behold guys. He took a bite. About adult thumb size.

Considered a success la.

After 3-4 hours still no reaction.

We are suppose to continue tomorrow with 1/8 of a pancake but had to abort mission.

His nose was all clogged up, and he developed very bad runny nose.

He was sniffling the whole morning but this bout of intense crying brought on the runny nose kau kau.

So difficult to get an anxious boy to try something new.

Now that we’ve had time to relax after putting kids to bed, feed them and clean them, me and bad dude thinks he couldn’t deal with trying out the egg challenge hence the melt down.

Can you imagine, he was so scared and anxious that he meltdown.

Aiyoooo poor boy. He really needs help.

Anyhow, I’m really happy about how the pancake looks.

It’s really yummy too because the recipe calls for quite a high sugar ratio.

But I guess to get the kids to eat, have to be yummy right?

And next time I shall use other oil instead of coconut oil. Too strong smell for Isaac.

So cute this Isaac.

Facebook reminder of his first week at kindergarten!


His cheeks was also quite fluffy. I forgot it was that soft.

I’m going to commit to taking photos of my meals.

Need to go back to #portion control and my #paleo meals.

As a diary for me to remember what I eat too.

Everyone who passed by me in pantry is shocked at the amount I eat.

Ok, stir fry kale (more the better right) with vinegar pork trotter. To be fair it’s all bones and skin. Threw away all the skin & fat cause I was full and just felt geli after a while.

It’s not THAT much. Haha.

90% commented the smell is so good, followed by “Wah so big”. One even made an instastory about how much I eat.

Clearly my portion control is skewed!!!! Hahha.

Haha that’s me everybody!!!

My strengths. It’s nice that my company wants to invest in our strength develop us further.

But if you look closely there is a hokkien interpretation to the strengths.

Hahha. Is this really me guys?

School Drop off. Epipen training.

School drop off today!

As usual Isaac shut down and refuse to follow the teachers to get in line to be placed in the correct class. At least 3-4 teachers have to coax him.

There was an assistant which I think is in his class the blue top one reminded me of you @Sunorchid 😍😍😍 she knelt and held his face to ask him to follow her.

After much coaxing only he left begrudgingly to his class. I didn’t follow them in case he freaks and breaks loose.

Spoke with the new principal today too.

Told her about Isaacs allergy and sought her permission to teach his class teacher.

Also told her about Isaacs assessment and where we need the help of his last years teachers assessment of his anxiety.

Passed her the assessment form so his previous teachers can rate him. I told her not to sugar coat the report because there is some issue and I want it to be a true reflection of him. Also mentioned that they can ask other teachers who have worked with him before to input as well.

Training done to his teachers on how to use epipen ✅

Passed her a pouch of zrytec. Explained when to use it. Explained when to use epipen.
Let her practiced it. Which injection site and all.

This year teacher much more receptive to it.

Told her to not separate out Isaac during meals time cause it causes more harm than good. He is able to not touch other kids food as he knows he is allergic.

Gave her a copy of graphic chart what to do Incase of emergency too.

#foodallergy #epipen

Now, breakfast after all that hustling.

Actually no la. The teachers hustle more than me.

Just had a flashback of Isaac being separated at school during meal times.

I was reading an article on autism and being “different”.

And it just hit me that food allergy is a “Disability”.
I googled definition of “is food allergy a disability” and according to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) it’s a yes. Because disability is defined as a physical or mental inpairment that substantially limits one of more major life activities of an individual.


I have a lot to digest. I feel jittery.

Then according to UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with

Disabilities, he should have been reasonably be accommodated.

Did I do the wrong thing by not confronting the teacher about them ostracizing him during meal times?

Is this what contributed to his anxiety??

Is his anxiety my fault because we fail to identify that it was a “disability”


Siow liow Siow liow.

This Monday (Tuesday) blues is too real.

Anyway, during lunch time I spied on them from the cctv.


Isaac is home having lunch and omg. Look at that little monkey.

What is he doing? Got knows! Climbing chairs and what not.

And when I got home, he was on the couching playing with captain America. On the top. Just one false move and his head could hit the railings and concrete ledge behind.

Does he care? Of course not!

First day back at school makes you want to rummage through old toys and play with them right?

Because, in his words, school was boring.

Ok boss. Boring. Use your imagination at home then.

Side effects from kitchen decluttering.

So many Syrup medication that we don’t need.

Luckily husbands clinic assistant is taking them.

Phew. If not, down the rubbish chute it goes.

I Ask Batdude to get me this. It’s a mop / broom holder.

Best thing ever!!

Behold!!! My work of art.

Brooms and dustpan has a place and they will always go back.

And most importantly, Isaiah will not steal them and pretend sweep the house anymore!

And it looks neat. Cos I OCD.

And no, I did not line the brooms up for this picture. When I went to take a picture, it was already like this. Helper did it. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💯💯💯📈📈📈

Have written a note in the parent teacher communication book.

I hope it doesn’t sound too antagonistic.

Excuse the bad handwriting (because everything is typed nowadays).

First meal of the year!!!

Excited because today I will be decluttering the Kitchen!

Ahah. #auntiemode

We’re only 40-50% done.

So far I’ve thrown out 4 ultra large garbage bags.

1 large garbage bag pending. This is only filled with plastic bags from all the grocery shopping. Shit.

Not looking forward to work after 2 weeks of leave!

Happy new year 🎈🎊🎆 everyone.

Ending my year quietly rereading this to treasure the things I love and letting go the things that don’t.

Mental clarity will come along after that.

Signing off 2017 with ultra cute pictures of Isaac and Isaiah.

I don’t know when he learned how to smile like this but it is super adorable and endearing.

I think he’s getting more handsome. Or maybe I just like this smiley face version. Just like the dad. 😍😍😘😘

Still being sweet to each other.

(Mama has eaten too many sweets, hence the double chin)

Heheheh ask him to smile again and he gives us this.


I know that 2018 will also go buy in a jiffy. Beep beep!!

Drink of choice to celebrate the countdown, kombucha of course!


Oh so many pictures to share!!

Isaac mighty proud of himself for fixing this 90% all by himself.

Edit: the husband just told me he did it all. 100%. Hubs only guided him here and there.

And this guy was so happy to be cleaning the please for 1/2 an hour yesterday. Took a photo and the pleased face is given.

Also wanted to remember Isaiahs dexterity at 21 month old.

He could slot in the bullets and shoot me with it. I must say he has very good fine motor skills.

That’s his Xmas Lego duplo toy.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 everyone!!!

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas.

They were many presents received and opened this year by the boys.

Mummy and daddy did loads of last minute shopping for gifts.

And stuffed them into many stockings.

But everything is returned twofolds to the boys and it was wonderful to see them get excited about their gifts.

My mom made Christmas Eve roast where we stuffed ourselves silly.

7kg turkey, leg of lamb, fried chicken for the kids and mushroom soup.

Massive turkey that was demolish in no time.

Roast leg of lamb always steal the show.

First time my mom made strawberry pavlova and it was so good!!

But her Tiramisu is the best and it was very good this year with the cappuccino liqueur

Isaac got what he wanted. He’s obsessed with ninjago this round.

Didi Isaiah was happy this round and you could tell he loved receiving gifts and enjoying them. He looked like he really appreciates having gifts.

Unwrapping in action!

With all their loot and their cousins!

Overall it was good to spend time with both the sides of the family.

The kids really really enjoyed themselves.

I’m not sure if we could do this again next year as the husbands schedule may not permit it.

So we will enjoy this celebration 🎉 as much as we can this year!!!

We are at the in laws and he kept wanting to play with the piano.

And met up with the other cousin who was so loving and affectionate 🤗

She is 2 months older than Isaiah and is so adorable.

Isaac had a really good Christmas haul as the majority of his presents were Lego Ninjago.

With each present he opened, my face went 😕🙁☹️😣😖

All I could think of was he was going to mix it up and didis gonna swallow it.

Hahha oh well. It’s going to teach me to be chill and let him enjoy his Lego.

Eczema BEGONE!!!

A couple of days ago, we popped by a pharmacy to stock up on medications and creams for the boys.

I vaguely remembered the allergist and dietician mentioning a cream to use and asked us we have tried it.

It’s called Ceradan with Ceramide in it. We said we have not but have been wet wrapping the boys chronic eczema and seems to soften the skin but not completely make the eczema go away.

We chances upon it in the pharmacy here and bought 1 small tube to try it out.

We bought the 30gm tube and when I got back, I told our Helper to use it on Isaiah particularly his ankle which has raw wound from his constant scratching form the eczema. He also has eczema patches randomly all over his thighs, back of the knees and wrist. He has also been wet wrapping everyday to sleep and the skin with no eczema is smooth and soft and the eczema Patches are still there but not angry looking.

Today I had a look at it, and the ankle wound is healed and the eczema patch is softer looking. It’s almost clearing up!!

Omg. It’s amazing or what???

Tomorrow I’m going to try it out on Isaac. I need to take a picture of Isaacs skin on the before treatment and a few days on Ceradan to show you guys the improvement.

I did not start it on Isaac first because I just wanted to do my own unblinded controlled trial with my boys. Isaiah receiving the treatment and Isaac the control (current regimen)


And also to head back to the pharmacy and get more Ceradan. The 30gm tube is almost finished in 2 days.

I’m also gonna hunt down the complete range to use it on them.

Our physiogel and physiogel AI + wet wrap with steroid is not cutting it for them anymore.

@justpeachy when u come back to Malaysia, stock this up!!! It’s almost a miracle with scientific formulation.

Wet Wrap

Wet wraps are bandages wrapped over emollient and/or topical steroids over hot, red, weeping eczema.

We soak the tubular bandages in hot water plus bath oil. On the boys skin when it’s flaring, we apply mometasonen over it followed by physiogel. Then the squeeze out excess water from the presoaked tubular bandage over the affected areas.

Followed by another dry tubular bandage over the wet bandage to protect the clothes and to keep them from scratching it.

We used tubifast and comes in various sizes for various parts of the body.

This is how it will look like once wrapped.

It has helped their lichenfied and leathery eczema a lot by softening it and made it less angry.

Isaac finally has some smooth skin after scratching constantly. But it’s still not enough to make it like a baby skin la.

So I’m really excited to apply he Ceradan and the wet wrap over to see if it will greatly improve his skin. I’m confident it will.

Hair Cut for everybody!

Haircut for #thing1

My hearthrob.

Haircut for #thing2 in progress.

So far so good no tears yet.

Screen time to keep them quiet.

The only time they get extended screen time.

See See the tears making an appearance here and there.

My cutie patotieeeee.

Ohh done!!!

Me? Cute?

No la no la. Hehe.

Mummy got her hair did too. Just treatment and a trim.

Can’t afford to spend an epic 9 hrs again to do my hair 🙄🙄🙄🙄

That sums up their relationship


Didi looks dam Samseng after the hair cut.

They’re obsessed with Billy.

He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.

Isaac looks so matured after the haircut.

Back home for 10 days.

Feels so good.

Going to #nuatothemax


First order of business.

Ooohhh I can’t wait.

He ate 1.5 adult portion of rice.


Pandan Gula Melaka cake, mini doughnut of salted egg and Nutella.

And coffee. Coffee please!

Wow this cake is really good. They’ve coconut flesh (dried la) in the middle. Awesome.

Wah throw back 7 years ago.

I was so wise. Need to follow my own advice.

Before I forget

At 20.5 months Isaiah can say 4 word sentences and random appropriate verbs/adjectives(?)

Like today he said “I don’t want to sleep”. Very clear.

He will also randomly go “oh my god”

And yesterday on the bus back to KL he pooped and he knew we were on the bus with no toilet facilities. He looked at me and with his 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ hands like this ask “how to change?”

Ahaha I just laugh at his intellect. So cute la. So self aware too.

Both of them are so lucky.

Both scored new bikes from daddy!!!

We’ve been contemplating getting a bike sans training wheel for Isaac but the bike guy recommended us to still get the bigger bike with trainers and gradually lift up the trainers to build up confidence. Ok boss. Good idea.

Didi scored a bike cos buy 1 must buy for the other. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Thought of taking the bike with them for a spin, but the boys had other idea.

Didi then refused to get on the bike and only wanted to walk Billy our 10 yo long Coated chihuahua. Poor old uncle kena torture.


“Billy, come billy, come!”

Slave master this Isaiah.

“Mummy I want to carry billy. Faster take photo!”

I also want to sit on the swing with billy.



Hi iz me sucking in my stomach real bad. But iz fail.

Testing out Isaacs new bike.

Not bad la, can go very fast and easy to paddle!!

Most importantly, it took my weight!

Look at the little emperor!!! 😤😤😤😤😤

Only the grandma will do this for him!

Terrible. This is the only screen time he gets. Swiping right on instagram filter 🤣🤣🤣

And ah jia cutting his toe nails.

Isaacs Development assessment.

Let’s see how this review go.

Not your usual everyday assessment.

The entire process was in this sequence.
1) nurse took his past medical history and concerns about him
2) assistant psychologist did an assessment on him together with us. Series of guided questionnaire on APQR I believe.
3) assessment by the psychiatrist on our concerns. Noted his rigidity in his behavior, preference for color blue and spinning of car wheels and loves of vehicles.
Sensory issues to loud noises. When younger, reacted by kicking legs and squeezing open and shut hands.

Her initial conclusion is that he may have:
1) high functioning autism
2) anxiety

Now, we want to move on to really go in-depth to identify what traits of high functioning that he has. It is hard to pin point now but it may be a social inability to cope. If everything is ruled out and he doesn’t really fall under a spectrum, that would be great for him.

There is anxiety, and she agrees that Isaac needs to see a psychologist to manage it.

Gross motor skill, fine motor skill, speech and intelligence is normal development.

So her plans are to refer him to a doctor who specializes in autism spectrum, and eventually to a psychologist which may come later.

She also recommended us to attend a Sign post parenting workshop where they teach parents who are going through challenges how to manage these challenges. That's great to know as I've been looking on how to manage his anxiety issues.

She also ask us to fill in an anxiety report form for us to gauge Isaacs anxiety level.

There is another form to be filled but from the teachers side. It is more comprehensive and will help the doctors plan and individual management plan. We’ve to get it done before his next review with the autism doctor.

Background on why we brought him for an assessment

I’ve noticed for a few years now his inability to cope with new situations of freaking out and melting down.

When he was 3 during field trips he would be the only one in school who refused to follow the program because “scared”. Mentioned it before to his allergist then and he brushed it off and said it’s probably his personality. When he matures, it will probably get better.

Well, almost 3 years later, it’s still the same issue. Same freaking out at dark places, new places, same place

with different deco (like his school sports hall decorated with sports day festivities), new people in familar place, new decorations in the familiar shopping mall etc.

All will illicit a same “freak out” response.

He will clam down, shut down refuse to move. Body posture is like dragging a dog on lead that refuse to move. And if that doesn’t work, he will meltdown and cry. Like a baby.

And he’s 5.5 years old. It does not get better.

This also translate to his fear of trying new food

And with his multiple food allergies, it is even more difficult to for him to try new things.

His default order is always teriyaki chicken at ichiban boshi. Every single time. There is some patterns of repetition there.

His obsession with color blue. Spinning wheels (but I really didn’t think he was that obsess with it, but does spin quite a bit-like he will turn over the bicycle to spin the wheels when he was 2-3 yo). He has come to accept other colors but it must be colored a certain way.

Like if he is coloring a rainbow, it must follow the sequence of the rainbow color. Gets angsty if it’s out.

If he is coloring lightning mcqueen, it must be red and follow how McQueen looks like in the Cars movie. Little little things.

But he seems fine, just nuances of repetition here and there and it’s hard to notice if you’re not his mom.

Also, compared to his peers it’s very obvious he is still unable to cope with a lot of new situations.

Make-up Detox!!!


Panicking slightly.

Because more than half of it I did not buy.

Bought most the #mollycosmetics lipstick.

And the brushes from #Zoeva

And my #Chanel foundation and powder.

But the rest, almost 60% are given by my #dayrebffs

They’re very generous.

Or isit I ugly? Need more make up hahha.

But seriously. I’m panicking abit because so many make up and only 1 face.


My minimalist heart cannot take it.

Thank you @strawbee for the 2018 Too faced eye make up palette.

And thank you @hotcakes for the cosmetic case + make up.

Is it wishful thinking to want all my make up to fit into this makeup case?

👨🏻: YES *roll eyes*

Ok one day I will work towards this goal of fitting my entire make up collection into this box.

Hahahaha *drumroll*

This can fit all of my lipstick.


#die #help

Marie Kondo-ed Isaacs toys and books


Isaac, we are Marie Kondo-ing your toys away.

And we categories the toys to/
1) super heroes
2) vehicles
3) playdoh
4) wooden toys.

So far 2 big XL plastic bags is filled and thrown away. 2 more XL paper bag is filled with still good toys but outgrown. I may throw away because don’t know who/where to give.

Later tonight, mummy will filter sumore his vehicle and super hero’s box. Cos cannot fit into the ikea box and be closed.

Left with toys part 1 👆🏼

Toys part 2.

This is his books. I feel like leaning it out more. Because daddy was in charge of books, not much was thrown. Less than 5 books.

And didi duplo at the bottom.

And also 3 scooters and 1 bicycle outside.

That is it. And there are unwrap toys under the Christmas tree and I shudder at the shit they’re gonna bring back from KL.

Oh side note, can’t wait to go back KL for 10 days next week!!!!

Awesome pawsome.

I really can’t wait to eat my moms Christmas roast dinner!!!!!

It’s been years since I had them roast leg of lamb, turkey and mushroom soup.


I’m glad he went through all his toys on which to keep and which to throw.

At first he was super frustrated that there was a big mountain of toys to clear.

I kept reassuring him I will help him and that I will also clear out didis toy and he do his toys.

He kept wiping away shadows of tears/rubbing eye cos the task seem so insurmountable!

But I keep at it and help him by labeling the white ikea storage box as above and he gladly put them in slowly.

Some things he was quite brutal la.

Like the roly poly police car that had an arm broken he said to throw.

Then he kept whining abit here and there about so much toys and I said “yes, you have so much toys, aren’t you lucky you have so many?”

And he kept quiet. I also said some of the still good ones, I will donate it hoping he will give up some good toys. He didn’t, and those I manage to cull were old babies toys.

I did ask didi whether he wants them and didi said “no, don’t want!”

I ask again are you sure??? He looked at them and shook his head no.

Well, of course it’s a no because he has no interest in babies toys! He only wants to play with korkors toys. So it made it easier for him to decide.

Overall I’m glad we did some decluttering because
1) move all toys and books out of Isaacs room due to his dust mite allergy
2) Isaac can finally take stock of ALL HIS TOYS

3) I could throw some of the broken toys and some miscellaneous toys that Isaac ok-ed me to throw. No feelings of not acknowledging what he wants and blatantly discard stuff.

Win win. Although I did filter out a few repeated toys like McDonald’s Thomas the engine happy meal toy.

The rest I kept!

I hope after this he knows where all his toys belong and won’t simple chuck everything here and there.

I did not throw a single small Lego because those has a place inside his cupboard and in his room.

He is not allowed to play them outside of his room because didi will also want to play. And it’s a choking hazard.


“Mummy, I want to take a selfie with you”

Of course my dear!!


He was so pleased.

At our company’s D&D.

I’m here as part of the organizing committee.

I’m actually ill and down with GE but the prizes are so awesome la!!! I want to win it.

Even door gift is already good enough.

Awesome venue.

The chill life.

Sunken cheeks and eyes from diarrhea and vomiting. 👍🏼👍🏼

Puppy paw prints 🐾


Public service announcement! #PSA

For the #dayrebeauty junkies, there’s a Kose private sale!!!

Sign says up to 70% off.

I love the black mask. Can peel black head out.

And for the alcoholics! Hard liquor on sale too!!!

#alcoholic #liquor



My king playing with his new helmet.

We are back here for Dietician review.

I hope we don’t have to follow up much after this anymore.

Today’s measurements are:
Height: 81cm (up 2.5cm from 16 November)
Weight: 9.69kg (up 0.1kg)

Xmas came early for the Puah brothers.

Christmas tree is up 3 days ago!!!

Here they all are trying to be helpful.

Like, extremely helpful.

Because they put it up all by themselves.

In a speedy Gonzales way.

With massive help (like 90%) from daddy.

Cos mummy was chilling in the couch just taking helpful pictures.

They were so proud!

Repeat photo to show the star on top.

And cos I cannot resist both their proud face!

Didi willing to stand for pictures.

Came back from lunch and I see them playing with the laundry basket.

So fun hor.

Guess who finally has his own scooter? And helmet and elbow and knee guards!

Ahhahaha too cute.

But he hated his helmet. He kept crying to get it off.

Korkor has a new helmet and knee and elbow guards too.

But I think all the protective gears are too restrictive for them.

Didi in action!

They get to open some of their presents early.

My mom pre recorded this and sent it to me just as the clock turn 12!


Wohoo. Presents from my director.

Look at my cake!!!

Isn’t she lovely?


See, even didi was amazed. Haha

I received flowers from the husband too!!

Totally surprised by it.

Me and my first born

Birthday song.

Listen to Isaac. Rude ah he.

My heart is so full!

I have the sweetest kids!

And the most thoughtful husband.

Went for a givenchy and moschino Warehouse sale.

All these for $99 only. Woot!!!

Actually went there to meet up with my bff! She works for prestige house which brings in all these brands and so happen there was a warehouse sale.

So #buybuybuy

Trying to be vogue.

Thing 1

And thing 2.

They love to wear matching clothes. Especially Thing 1.

Every night must be in matching pajamas.

And if didi wears a certain pattern clothes, Thing 1 will also want to wear it. Right down to matching socks.

Ok la, he loves he’s brother la.

Thing 1 rehashing his concert performance.

Note the matching pajamas tonight too.

Also, didi has a new dance move whilst I was away for 6 days.

So funny.

This will be the last time I am going to fly with this passport.

The next time will be with a brighter red passport.


Home for the next 6 days

See through bathroom.

Loving the small lounge area

Love the sheets and bed. So smooth and soft

Checking some emails before the start of back to back meetings.


We started with all the canapés available in the restaurant.

Prawn+pork skin+tamarind+shallots on sweet pineapple

Anti clockwise:
Crabmeat wafer
Prawn in egg basket
Bettlenut leaf+prawn+lemongrass etc
Scallop otah!!

Oyster salad

Crabmeat in coconut cream

Eaten with preserved fried river prawns n fresh local raw veggies

Fried fish with lemongrass n fish sauce.

Tom yum soup with huge ass river prawns.

The whole spread.

Forgot to take pic of the roasted duck red curry.

All sort of Thai desserts.

I can’t remember already but the wafer with coconut cream and golden egg strings so good.

When the Bangkok booking was finalized, I went to check out Gaggan to make reservations.

But missed the 1 month booking in advance dateline by a week.

Looked around and found Nahm as it was relatively nearby to the hotel.

Which means I need to go back to bangkok to have gaggan with the husband. Right husband???

Hug fest yesterday before I left for the airport.

Look at this didi.