7.10am. Breakfast of paleo waffles, 1 egg and 1 sausage.

Last night although Isaac fell asleep by himself without much fuss, he did wake up about 3 times.

1am, 2am and another god knows what time. I heard him the first time.

After that I’m just dead..

The father was the one who attended to him the 3 times.

He had a bad nightmare and was so scared he grabbed and hugged the dad so tight to sleep. The dad had to sleep with him until 6.15am and then only got back to our room.

Lunch 12.20pm.

Roast chicken with bell pepper.

Kaisen Salad.

7.15pm. Dinner.

I don’t know if this is even worth documenting anymore.

Ribs, ladies fingers and celery.

Bye bye dayre.

I’ve truly met a lot of good friends here and live in Singapore has not been so isolated since then.

I’ve actually felt more to Singapore with all the dayreans here.

Thank you each and everyone of you who have taken the time to read my post and comment.

You can find me on IG with the same handle name. And you can finally see how bad dude looks like. But not like it was an ultimate secret anyway la. Hahha.

Thank you for all the fish!

My breakfast.

Mind you these are paleo waffles made with almond flour, eggs and coconut milk only and some flavoring with maple syrup.

Husbands breakfast.

Trying to eat less here!!

Striving to eat half of what my husband eats.

Junbucha as my morning “tea”

Lunch. 12.10pm.

Leftover roasted chicken thighs with bellpeppers.

By 3pm looking for food already.

I’m obsessed with food la. Every time also wanna eat.

So went to pantry and made kopi o kosong. Filled up my flask with water. Been drinking loads of water!!

Can’t wait to go home and eat dinner.

Thing 1 and thing 2 went down cycling. And now kicking some balls.

I did not dressed them 100% alike. Korkor always wants to dress like didi.

Even down to the same slippers. Haha

So happy! Putting my marinated beef in the dehydrator.

Since I’ve only used 3 trays for the beef, I’m just tossing in the blueberries to test it out too.

Ready to go! Will check in 4 hrs time.

6.45pm. Dinner!!

Roast chicken with Thai asparagus and the roasted pumpkin and carrot that was roasted with the chicken.


I’m still amazed he’s able to spell. Ok thank you all gods for him being able to spell. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Jerky is done!!

And it’s not burned and not super brittle. 😍😍😍😍

Took about 3.5-4hrs (those a little bit thicker).

Isaac knocked off the earliest tonight by himself just before 9pm.

He was tired today. Could tell from his extra crying. Didn’t walk in and out much of his room tonight. Maybe just 1 big time to my room and that’s it.

Tomorrow evening he can open his Zane and Kai.

Isaac did not wake up the whole night!!!



Couldn’t believe it.

This morning he got up about 6.15am, push open my door and shouted “mummy! I don’t like my door close!”

Then I mumbled ok because I was still sleeping. Then poof. No more sound.

My alarm rang at 6.45am. Went to check on him and he curled and wrap himself up in his blanket and was still fast asleep.


3rd night a success!!

I don’t think this fasting thing is working out for me.

Look at what I’m eating at 8.40am since I skipped breakfast. Sighhh.

I think I rather eat my hot cooked breakfast than random shit in the mornings. Because I’m starving.

This IF thing worked for the first 2 weeks. I was more alert, no coffee needed and eating portion was less too.

Now I’m in 4th week and my bowels are not smooth anymore!!

I’m tired most of the time and I don’t have energy to go to lunch workouts!

And worse, now I’m back to using black tea and black coffee to power through the day.

Kombucha don’t help me anymore too.

Tomorrow, I shall go back to eating breakfast albeit a light one.

At least half a portion of my husbands.

12.10pm lunch.

Leftover pork rib.


Oh my goodness.

I just got my medical review results. Everything’s ok with blood works.

My cholesterol, tg levels came down.

But my ultrasound abdomen shows I have fatty liver.

Waist measurement came down from 91cm to 80cm.

And weight reduced only 1kg.

Blood sugar nothing remarkable as was last years.

This year opted for abdomen ultrasound because I’ve always had issues with bloating so decided to check it out.

I’m actually quite shock I got fatty liver. Because the cause of fatty liver are

1️⃣ overweight or obesity
2️⃣ alcohol consumption
3️⃣ metabolic syndrome
4️⃣ high fat in blood (TG)

Yes I am ✅ obese
But I am ❎ an alcoholic
❎ prediabetis or have high blood sugar or thyroid issues
❎ high fat in blood. In fact this round my TG has gone down from borderline high to DESIRABLE.

I’ve already been going to the gym 4 times a week for the past 2 months.

Previous 6 months is 3 times a week.

So the doctor advice is to reduce calorie intake.

Dinner 7.20pm

Grass fed rib eye steak. Ain’t gonna eat all the fats liow. I think the only reason my cholesterol was desirable is because we eat quality meat.

Raw spinach no dressing.

Gave 1/3 away to the husband who needs to grow bigger.

Old reading above.

New reading below.

Oh it’s true! I did lose 11cm. And I didn’t measure one. The doctor did.


Marinating beef jerky!!

Because my new toy is here!!!

And so happen my grass fed chuck beef also delivered on the same day!

Can’t wait to dehydrate my marinated beef tomorrow.


I’ll have a health paleo snack!

And then the door bell rang and I’ve got another surprise!!

Seriously, banking money on lichun works because I have very generous and thoughtful friend.

She truly will not let your go hungry and always shows her love with food related goodies!!

Thank you thank you Sya @strawbee

Isaac and Isaiah loves you too. Should have seen their eyes pop out after seeing the cookies yesterday.


Chirashi party on me ok!!!

Isaiah salah concept. Hahha.

Was reading their bed time reads and he just blindly follow what the daddy says.

Too cute especially their baby voice.

Tonight’s the 4th night Isaac went to sleep on his own after much “pattern”

He slept off about 9.40pm? Wasn’t sure. Was busy marinating beef 😆😆😆

Husband was in the loo so nobody entertained him and his wiles. And he just slept off.

20 mins before he was hungry and ate some fruits and was kaypo looking at me slicing beef and asking me what I’m doing. Told him I’m making jerky and he’s like “huh?”

Jerky? What’s that?

So I had to explain that it’s like bakwa only less sweet and dryer. Then his eyes went “ding”!

I love bakwa, can you buy for me please. Oh how bout can you make for me please etc. went on for abit describing his love for bakwa. Haha.


Isaac slept by himself most of the night.

Slept off at 9.30ish himself and at about 12.30pm we heard him crying outside our door.

Husband got up to usher him back to his room and sat with him for 2 mins. He manage to sleep off and only woke up this morning when the Helper went and wake him up about 7am.

We asked him to tick off the calendar because he manage to sleep by himself the whole night again.

Reward after 5 nights will be to open one of his Lego Xmas presents!

Brought these from home for healthy snacking before I break my fast.

But I think I’m going to go through the blueberries even before 10am.

Why my resolve so weak!

Meetings through lunch.

Basil Thai chicken from Nara Thai.

3.10pm snack time.

I can’t stand it. I’m soooo hungry. Went downstairs to get inari tuna because I figured bean curd is protein and tuna is protein. Should be sustainable until 6.30pm

Came home and there was this bag on the table.

My helper ask me did I order. Cluess me also don’t know what’s happening.

Luckily I got the suspect correct! Ahahha

She’s one generous and cray cray person. Don’t worry about ever going hungry with her around!

Eh Omg!!

And waiting in my room there’s another parcel!!!

Thank you!!!!

From another different person but equally as generous. Hohoho.

6.00pm. Dinner time.

Roasted chicken thighs with bell peppers.

Cauliflower rice.

Stir fried sweat pea.

Wohooo. Isaac slept before 9.30pm.

After much warning of telling him not to step out of the room and he can do whatever he wants in the room. He must also not make too loud of a sound.

Whined a few times complaining it’s cold, saying we are too loud and that he doesn’t like his room.

Reminded him again that as long as he’s in his room and with the doors open he can do whatever he wants.

And by 9.20pm, no more noise from him.

Winning by baby steps.

Sleep Training – Day 2

This is Isaac this morning.
He kept crying and refusing to sleep by himself last night. After a while he stopped crying and took book after book to read.

After the 4th book I told him go lie down on the bed to read, if not, my catwoman voice is coming out. (Cat woman voice obviously scarier than Batman voice la haha)
Scurried back into his room, heard him sniffling meow meow sound and then quiet. It was about 10.15pm when I check on him, he was sleeping soundly in the middle of his bed, wrap

up like a dumpling in his blanket.

He was sleeping on the dads pillow, must be the dads smell. His own pillow don’t want to sleep on.

This is him at 4am, crying loudly wanting someone to sleep with him again.

At least he didn’t barge into our room like he usually does because I told him last night that he’s not allowed in our room anymore.

So the dad got up, walk him to his room, told him to settle down.

Dad will give him 2 mins to fall asleep by himself and then dad will walk out.

Isaac was still crying and sniffling but lying down and mumbling wanting someone to sleep with him blablabla


And the husband came back to the room but couldn’t sleep.

Every sound that he heard, he was half expecting Isaac to cry and run back to our room again.

Fuuuu dunno la.

Everyone’s zombie this morning.

Probably will continue sleep training until CNY holidays where we’re going back to KL and grandparents will undo all the training again.

Wish us luck!

Oh haha wanted to jot down, yesterday we banked in money for lichun.

We also wore red.

This @strawbee already told us what time to bank and wore red, we better do right???

Wooohooo we are going to be richy rich.

Found it funny cos a non Chinese telling a clueless Chinese about this money making blessing thingy.

Ok boss. We trust you. Good chi to have more money. Because this year we will need all the money we can get.

Want to buy a place ma!

First meal of the day (don’t tell anyone I had half a handful of cashew nuts)

Lunch at 12.00pm.

Salad with barramundi fish and cod fish.

1.15pm slump.

Onde onde and black coffee.

6.40pm dinner.

Air fried pork ribs, stir fry bakchoy and broccoli.

Wow so 2nd day “sleep training” for Isaac.

Read 1 story book and told him he can do whatever he wants in his room. As long as he doesn’t come out.

I was not outside because was putting Isaiah down for sleep. I could hear him bargaining and saying that his hungry etc.

Came out about 9am and told him “u want catwomen voice to shout at you now? Go into your own room and don’t come out.”

And he went in. And didn’t come out until 15-20 mins later.

Did his puppy dog eyes and ask the father to sleep with him.

We said no. U can leave the door open, but you can’t come out the room.

Then he ask if daddy can adjust the aircond because it was too hot. He wanted it cooler. So daddy went and made it cooler and said good night. “U can keep the door open but u can’t come out anymore.”

At about 9.45pm went to check on him, he was sound asleep! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😴😴😴😴😴


Back here again for the wings.

And to take the boys to eat somewhere different.

Second course, ten tonic duck soup.

Kushiyaki set from ichiban boshi for dinner.

Isaacs rendition of snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Both their obsession with broom and pan is real.

We went to diaso to get kokor a broom too. Both wanted a dustpan but I think that’s just crazy. At least broom I can slide it behind the book shelves.

But dust pan, where am I going to hide it.

I gave 2 bucks to Isaac to pay for it himself. If he doesn’t pay it himself, then no broom for him.

Teach him to get out of his comfort zone.

Erghhh stress in a understatement.

So trying this two boys in the evening.

Both swept the floor like mad, went cycling after dinner and didi fell off the bike and grazed his elbows very badly.

But the icing of the cake is not that yet.

Isaac was being very rude and a monster.

Walk out of his room and slam the door on didis face. Didi fell right on the edge of the door!

Let out a blood curling scream (me).

Whack this Isaac on his arms. The husband whack Isaac on his bump real hard cos he was wearing diapers.

And hubs also took a plastic ruler to smack his hands.

Ultimate punishment is that no one is going to sleep with him in his room. We don’t care if he cries and not sleep. No laying with him on his bed.

Poor didi.

Got his elbows scrapped and bloodied and got his face smashed on the edge of the door.

He slept off after all that crying. Manage to get the swell down by icing it.

Isaac is still not sleeping. He’s going to suffer tomorrow morning.

1.00pm. Lunch time.

Herbal chicken soup, vege and steam egg.

First meal of the day after gym.

2.50pm. Snack time.

Chicken wings and 1 popiah to share with husband.

Kueh TuTu!!!

Another 5 liter continuous brew going on.

Cleaned out the whole vessel, rinse the scoby with drinking water to get rid of yeast strands coating it and made fresh brewed black tea.

Wait for 7 days to harvest.


I only clean the vessel once a month to clear accumulated yeast at the bottom and spruce up the scoby.

#scoby #kombucha

Didi has a new toy.

Well, it’s actually not a toy.

It’s a real broom. A $2 Diaso broom.

He is obsessed with sweeping. Always snatching the broom from the Helper.

So, we got him his own broom.

He was so so so happy.

Kept sweeping and sweeping.

Ok. Very good. Keep it up.

👩🏻 Didi, still so dirty. Sweep! Clean!

👶🏻👶🏻 sweep sweep sweep.

6.25pm. Dinner time.

3oz Air fried Cod fish on bed of salad.

Too full from snack so dinner is light for me.


I kena praised by the global people!!!


Just when my mood was slumping and feeling like I’m shit, this came in.


Lunch! Zoodles and mustard roasted chicken.

All leftovers.

Dinner 7.15pm

Air fried cod fish
Pork chop
Stir fry French beans.


Woot! More parcels going out tomorrow!

I think I’ve made quite abit since I listed it last week.

Wahhh and to think I gave away a lot of it to random strangers on FB group.

Good morning!!

Early morning came in and I see a big jar of roasted cashew.

Cleaner aunty, why you so nice!! 😭😭😭😭

12.35pm. Breaking of fast.

Not a good choice. I had a lunch meeting where was promised lunch. But there was no lunch!!

Bought double cheeseburger and mcchicken.

Shit I’ve forgotten how bad and fake it taste.

So sponge like.

Sobs. Patty so dry

Fffff laaaa. Still hungry and not satisfied at all

1-1 bobo chacha. And the other black glutinous dessert.

Wah so thick.

Aiyo not nice. Threw away after 1 spoon.

Ah so strange. Irvin’s came and just delivered 8 packets of angbao.

So funny. My helper also said “eh u didn’t order? They just come suddenly”

Oh well. Thanks Irvin!


More deliveries to be made for my carousell Business!!

So funny. I’ve been to the post office everyday since Monday! Either to buy more Smartpac or to drop into the post box.

6.05pm Dinner!

Roasted chicken parts with mustard

Zoodles with sesame dressing

Leftover scallops from yesterday.


I look forward to see his spelling book every week.

Not bad. I was worried he don’t know how to spell heart.

This evening I was berating Isaac to clear his mess and keep his toys.

Then I told him:
👩🏻 you know why your toys are so messy??
👦🏻 oh why?
👩🏻 because you have too much toys!!!
👦🏻 then why did you buy me so many toys???
👩🏻 WHAT?

Okay. I will proceed to de clutter more of your toys!

And confirm chop! I won’t buy new toys for you.

I’m so angry at Isaac this morning. Sent him off to school. Whilst crossing the overhead bridge there was a puddle that looked like semen.

The volume is too much for white phlegm when people clear the throat.

I told him it’s ppls spit (obviously you’re not going to tell a 5.5 yo it’s semen right) and don’t step on it.


And some little shit have to argue with me and said it’s water and proceeds to step on it!!!

I lost it la.

I shouted at him in such a shrill voice. Because it’s sooo gross I cannot take it.

And secondary to that was because he refuse to listen to me. Why so stubborn??

It’s truly disgusting.

I quickly walked away. Stupid shit chase after me. I told him y did u step on it. It’s so dirty. There’s germs and disease. Why don’t listen to me.

Why why why? Why I told you twice and yet you must insist stepping on it!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Told him I was angry at him and i am not going to acknowledge him because he refuse to listen and understand my instructions.

Told him to apologize to me but he refuse to look at my eyes.

If it’s just a simple puddle of water, sure! Step away to your hearts content!

It’s a freaking puddle of sperm. Some obstinate kid who refuses to listen to my reason and HAS TO STEP ON IT AND TELL ME ITS WATER.

Like those ignorant people. There’s a Malay saying for that.


He reminds me of my MIL.

Bodoh sombong.

And those people who knows they’re wrong already yet refuse to apologize.

Bodoh sombong.

Why? Why?????

Have I not educate you enough???

Bad influence even though in a short exposure is very detrimental!!!

By 9.30am I’m longing for a warm drink or meal.

Still “fasting” so hot tea is it!

No calories in black tea right? ☕️☕️☕️☕️


Leftover roasted chicken and plain salad for lunch.

Went down for a quick look about.

Wanted to get tea because my black Assam tea that I use to brew kombucha is finished.

I really love Assam tea because of its strong flavor. Reminds me of Teh Tarik back home.

The sales lady at T2 was so nice to let me try out other flavors. She brewed Sydney morning breakfast and Irish breakfast for me.

Sydney had a bitter after taste which I don’t appreciate. Later my 5liter of kombucha taste bitter how?

Irish reminded me of assams more delicate Cousin

Dinner 7.20pm

Stir fry long beans
Salmon air fried withh olives and cherry tomatoes
Pan fry Hokkaido scallops.

Bought CNY clothes from Qo100 on 19th January and today only it was delivered.

This samfu is size 2 but is abit big for didi

And Isaacs one is size 6 and it’s abit too short for him.

Aiya. Took forever to come but I don’t think will return it la.

Ahhaha my drunken kungfu masters at home.

Aiyooo I still can’t sleep.

Darn the kopi o!

Ahhh 10.50am

Break of fast. Couldn’t stand until 12.00pm.

Larabar – peanut butter cookie. Just peanuts, dates and sea salt.

Clean onot?

Nasi goreng ayam bumbu for lunch.

No eating clean. Colleagues farewell

Woot!! Sold 6 items of clothing today.

Later will need to go post office by Smartpac and send them off in boxes!!!

Wahhhh Wah wahhh Huat ah!!

3.30pm. Snack time.

Apple and cold brew.

Wrangled a cold brew from my Sri Lankan colleague who got promoted this year.

Win. But I think I won’t be able to sleep.

I brought 450mls of kombucha 2F with persimmons and have been drinking it after lunch to stave off the post lunch slump.

Only gripe is transporting the glass bottles to and fro work.

Wah guys, today, I have 3 parcel to be posted out from my carousell sale.

I’m a #fakebusinesswoman


6.30pm Dinner.

Air fried chicken 2 pc
Stir fry snow peas
Stir fry brinjal.

Wooot I’ve finally listed all my nursing and maternity clothes on carousell.

That’s fulfilling.

Delivery of Irvin’s dangerous prosperity box today.


Wah Wah Wah. The small fish pack is iridescent one leh.

Eh the small salted potato chips also iridescent.

New flavor just for CNY!

Salted egg Tapioca chips!!

Hmmmmm maybe not enough for the whole extended family.

During dinner, Isaiah stole a fried drumstick to eat.

So enjoy ah.

We don’t stop him. Eating more protein is good.

Hehe only a bit messy.

But look at his cheeky face.

Woot. Crashed last night at 8.45pm. Didn’t have coffee the day before too.

My brain doesn’t feel it, this no coffee thing, but my body does. Once settle didi down for his night nursing, I also want to 😴😴😴😴😴😴

I’m missing out on my night life man!!!

Pomegranate kombucha for drinks.

And huge ass mangoes for snack.

This mango is really huge!

Half only and I’m so stuffed

11am snack because worries lunch no time to eat.


1 caramello snack. Because a colleagues contract is ending end January.

So sad. 😭😭😭😭

Finally reached Novena

12.50pm lunch.

Pulled pork salad bowl.

Hrmmmm I think this bowl not worth it at $12.50.

I ask for no beans cos it gives me gas.

I should have bought salad from cold storage ($4.99) and add a meat ($4.00+) would still be cheaper and more satisfying then this.


Tarpau old Chang kee fried chicken and came home to snack. Cos 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 not enough.

Isaac wanted some and I had no heart to say no. Also I wasn’t sure it had egg or not.

I first ask him to lick it first. If no reaction, then take a small bite. He did. And wanted more.

Aiyoo in the end he ate 1/3 of it. I hope no reaction.

Didi also FOMO. Keep on saying “I want I want” he took 3 big bites!!!

Oh oh this is the start of eating us dry. 💸💸💸💸

Didi passed out coming back from ica.

We collected both the boys passport and the husbands.

Now can buy plane ticket back to KL for CNY.


Since I’ve listed my maternity and nursing clothes up on carousell, I’ve sold about 5 items.

And 4 pending transfer of funds before I sent them out!


I priced it to really let it go.

A lot of sexy dresses up for grabs!

Halter, backless, off shoulder.

All also have.

I didn’t know my choice of maternity clothes so sexy one!!!

I loved all of them but now it’s time to let it go.

Wah cannot tahan 4.00pm had 2 soft boil eggs and ice black kopi from wangs.

7.30pm dinner.

1/4 roast chicken
Stir fry kale
Stir fry siao bak chye
Roasted carrots

Isaiah is really FOMO la.

Here he is over the weekend finishing the song that korkor is singing.

So cute!

Going to sleep soon, but the ice black kopi making me not so sleepy.

Oh no, didi just coughed and vomited on the bed.

Aiyoooo. His been having some cough. Isaac passed to him.

Good news is Isaac is better but didi is just starting to hack away.

No more cough/puke tonight please. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Sashimi for break of fast. Woot.

And the same yakiniku salad with poach egg from last week.


There’s a dog show happening in united square.

Stacking the boxer. The hind legs should be a little more to the back.

2.45 pm snack time.

Grilled squid at the Hokkaido fair.

Omg guys! I’m so happy.

Finally found an affordable food dehydrator!!

Now I can make beef jerky with wild abandonment.

Paleo snacks galore!!!

Celebrate 🎉 🎉🎉🎉

$199 with 10% off because Taka member sale!!!

6 trays. Not too bad la. It’s not massively big.

So happy finally!!

I also bought a bread maker.

Because the previous one has serviced us very well.

@doooduuu @butterball @calistallicious

Thank you for your breadmaker. It has served us well. Now it’s dead haha.

Had half a mango at 4.00pm.

Not sure why so hungry. Before went to Taka also had a banana.

6.00pm dinner.

Indian chicken set.

1 masala chicken and squash and 1 papadom. Ask for half rice and still half a mountain was given.

1.00pm. First meal. Eh actually I had a banana before working out.

Herbal chicken soup, steam egg with mince meat and blanch vege. Forgot to ask them to hold the oyster sauce.

Watching Charlie Brown and turn around to say hi to me.


This morning did some HIIT with weights. Thankfully no explosive movements.

I was putting on lipstick 💄 before going out and smeared some on my teeth.

Then Isaiah told me “there’s meat (something) stuck!”

Hahha so observant.

Then suddenly he ran off.

I thought, great! He left me alone to finish my make up.

Then he came back in and climb onto my bed. I didn’t see him because I was finishing up my make up.

He also put “lipstick”

Went out to grab the nearest color pencil which was green!!

And started copying me with the pencil to lip action.

So happy about it sumore!!!

Hahha I only could laugh.

6.45pm dinner.

Plain dosai.

Masala chicken
Stir fry cabbage.

Husbands is fried chicken + plain dosai.

Hi there.


This looks ready for preschool.

True self!

Chipped tooth and all.

With battle scars on his face.

But it’s ok. Because he is happy!

My little monkey monster.

Picture courtesy of my sil.

Early morning at hospital for a health check up.

And after this I can get to eat red meat again. Hoho.

Hoping my waist has reduced and that my lipid levels has improved too.

Cross fingers 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Don’t wanna be a fatty bombom with health problems. Haha.

I’ve a very high risk due to family history of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes.

9.40am. Breakfast.

Today fasting failed. After the blood test and health screening, I’m not sure why I feel extremely hungry.

Maybe it’s not drinking the kombucha.

Anyway, salad, black coffeee and apple juice. Provided by the hospital.

Heading to a work lunch meeting.

So hungryyy.

Didn’t finish the salad or the cofffee. The coffee taste so … ashtray water. Blek 🤢

Lunch meeting meal.

Ahh they preordered meal for us and only had pasta with salmon.

Oh I’m so worried now but ate less than half the pasta and 3:4 of the salmon. I just cannot.

Tummy, please be kind to me.

Woot today Jim and I did high rep weights. Abit like HIIT without the explosive movements.

I sweat. A lot.

Appetizers for dinner!

Mains is here!!

Grilled fish and sashimi.


Japanese matcha parfait.

7.15am. Breakfast.

Drinking my kombucha

I had such a good sleep last night.

Passed out while putting Isaiah to sleep. That means I’ve been asleep from 9pm until 7am.

Wohooo! 10 hours of sleep. Feels good.

I think not drinking coffee the whole of yesterday helped. And eating really clean this past few days. Gym was also intensive la.

Dead. With IF I didn’t manage to hit my target calories.

Forgot to bring banana to break my fast.

I just did not have the energy to push through.

1.10pm. Lunch!

Leftover 3 pc chicken baked with onions, chili flakes and coconut aminos.

Huge ass salad with 1 egg, 1/2 avocado 🥑 and some cheese.

Poured everything out and now only halfway done.

That’s a lot of plain salad leaves to go through.

6.25pm. Dinner tymeee.

Stir fry broccoli
4oz wild caught salmon from the Alaska guys.

Just now husband gave me a off the cuff compliment. It went like this.

👱🏽‍♂️ oh you look less porky already this few days.

👩🏻 what? Porky? 🤯🤯

👱🏽‍♂️ it’s a compliment what. You look smaller already.

👩🏻ok thanks.


Isaacs spelling for this week. 5/5? Really? Is this a fluke?

Last week also 5/5.


Morning school round.

Took this picture because:
1) wanted to show you (and @strawbee) the #mollycosmetics hot stuff that you were giving away for free is NICE ok!!! Yes it is bright with some coral almost fluorescent pink. Wear the colour and just OWN it.

2) we were waiting for Isaacs schoolmate to walk to school together!!

Classmates until K1, Neighbors and hopefully next year primary schoolmate.


Early morning already sent a scratching email to Isaac kindy.

What do you think?

Too strongly worded and pushy?

Brought my 1 liter of blueberry, peppermint and honey flavored kombucha to work today.

Swig the bottle around and announced “I brought Toddy today!!” Only the Sri Lankan and the Malaysian understood my joke.

Drinking this in the morning before I left for work and now has made me not want to drink coffee.

Don’t need that caffeine boost feeling which I use to get around 10am.

12.00pm: Lunch!

First meal of the day. Was looking forward to this the whole morning!!

Cod fish, avocado, egg and simple salad. No dressing.

Mmmm 😋😋😋😋

2.30pm. Snack time.

Cannot stand already. Feel like eating something sweet.

Finish up the last of my kombucha.

I poured some of it during lunch for my GM. We had lunch at the pantry together and chit chat. Told her it’s moonshine and let’s get drunk together!!

And she commented “no wonder you’re so happy all the time” Hahahah. Yes I get that’s a joke.

3.55pm: another snack!

White nectarine/peach? From the office fruit week.

Didn’t finish my kombucha cos a colleague came and drank a glass.

Omg suddenly heavy Downpour

My shoes are soaked. When I walk it makes squishy sound.

Aiyoooo got to head back to see Jim.

Jim was very nice today.

Did hypertrophy weights. 8-10 reps x 3-4 sets each time.

Oh I’m so hungry now. Can’t wait to eat dinner.

7.15pm: Dinner!

3 pc roasted chicken thighs with onion and chili flakes and coconut aminos.

Stir fry French beans and Asian leafy veg. I have no idea what’s it called.

There’s an overripe mango in the fridge. No ones eating it.

So I shall. Nyomnyomnyom

Passport & Citizenship Cert Collection

I’m going to try out intermittent fasting today.

Key word is “try”.

I brought my kombucha to drink and if really cannot tahan, going to snack on blueberries which I brought too.

Now off to collect something important!!!


Now can buy CNY plane ticket home.

Soo cute their citizenship cert.

Isaac looks abit convict-ish.

Oh man it’s only 9.15am and I feel a little hungry already.

How to fast ah whole day.

I feel like going down to Starbucks and getting the most sinful drink I can get my hands on.

The new coffee jelly earl grey drink looks decadent.

12.00pm: Lunch and break of fast.

YTF with 2 eggs, 2 brinjal, 2 okra, 1 serving of black fungus, 1 slice of yam the rest all veg.

Hahaha diet? What diet?

2.00pm: Chocolate black tea Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino.

Why do I always torture myself with dairy/cream/milk.

No discipline la me.

Wow this journal of food intake really helps me visually what I’ve eaten.

And, I am what I ate.

So, I am a Frappuccino.

6.15pm: Dinner.

Pan fried barramundi
Stir fry snow peas.

Hahaha I love this!!!

Totally pragmatic.

But I do believe in love, constant communication and understanding.

Good morning everyone!!!

Don’t want dayre to die so I bought some stickers!!! Lots of stickers.

Eh isit call stickers?

Oh ya, yes it is.

Today also begins my 4 days of no red meat.

I’ve an impending health screening on Friday and need to lay off the red meat for stool occult.

Would like to see if some of my readings have gone down especially my TG and LDL levels.

There’s a breakfast meeting at work today, so I’m on my way.

I got to say, dropping off Isaac to school everyday has made me wake up earlier and try to be disciplined.

I am not a morning person and this is really a big change for me. I’m always squeezing in that extra 10 mins (or 1 hr lol) of sleep and hit the snooze button multiple times.

But, I hope this morning routine can last until the whole year.

Also me this morning.

Down my kombucha before leaving the house.

I think drinking kombucha before sleeping makes me to energized. Couldn’t fall asleep last night. So I’m gonna try it out for morning.

Hopefully no need so much coffee

Breakfast today!

Black tea
2 spring roll (ok la got carb)
3 teriyaki wings
3 Siew mai.

Didn’t take meehoon or pizza.

The best I could pick from the buffet spread.


Yong tau foo.

2 eggs, 1 cuttlefish, 2 brinjal the rest all vegetables.

No noodles, konlo.

2pm snack time!

1 large nectarine and my own bottled kombucha of apple blueberry.

Going to hit the gym soon.

I’ve sacked my previous PT because he did so many high impact moves which gave me my neck and shoulder injury.

Now I’ve a new PT and been with him for about 10 odd sessions and all we do is lift heavy weights. And I love it

Gives me an illusion that I’m strong and I hate cardio and high impact jumping burst moves because I’m so clumsy I will confirm fall.

So far didn’t lose weight but looks a bit toner.

Only way to lose weight fast also HIIT kind of cardio

Which I’m tying to add into lunch time at least once a week.

I lift weights 3-4 times a week so gonna start slow.


Leftover air fried d chicken and roasted thighs.

Stir fry brinjal and okra.

Omg im so full. Shouldn’t have add that extra air fried chicken.

Clothes Decluttering Round 3\4

Breakfast of yakiniku salad and poached egg.

Hi is me.

Marie kondoing my wardrobe again.

Round 3 or 4?

Since I’ve stopped pumping at work I’m gonna get rid of all my maternity and nursing clothes and put them up for sale or to throw.

Manage to sell 1 since putting it up few days ago.

Progress so far.

These are the bunch haven’t sort them out yet.

I went by categories
1) bra and panties
2) swimwear, socks
3) sports bra and sports clothes

Now tackling lounge clothes.

Wtf do I need so much “home clothes” for.

You know those clothes. Not nice to wear outside but to keep one day to wear inside house.

Previous rounds I’ve gotten rid of all T-shirt’s that were given by company n signing up for events.

Now touching everything to make sure i really don’t like them.

These 2 big box are easy.

Maternity and nursing clothes.

And clothes that I don’t like the colour and those when I wear them, they don’t flatter me and I don’t look good in them.

These are all my white tops.

I’m asking myself now, do I need to many white tops?

Obviously not!!!!

Looking at this pile I already know which one I confirm I cannot throw one. So ok, that makes it easier.

The rest, I don’t even know why I bought them.

80% of my clothes is here!


Wee nam kee steam chicken about 1:4 chicken, some char Siew and soup.

Even after round 3-4 of closet decluttering, I still have 3 big boxes of clothes I don’t want.

Seriously man. I have too much clothes.

I’m certainly not at the minimalism level yet.

But Marie Kondoing my lifestyle is such a marathon. I can’t finish Kondoing my stuff yet because I’m at different stages of life.

At least I know the chapter of being pregnant and nursing is over, I can clear those clothes away with good conscience.

No point holding on to that maternity gown even though it’s beautiful. The gown has done its job of making my bump beautiful at an event.

I still have dinner dresses and gowns in the other wardrobe.

Winter clothes and winter scarfs and accessories.

And 5 t-shirts that Batdude proposed with. (Definitely can’t and won’t get rid of that!)

One day I will get to them.

Then my clothes decluttering will be complete!!

Hopefully by end of this year I can tackle them.

I also love decluttering because I move all the time.

It really helps after reading the Marie Kondo book that I truly only keep what I really like.

So next time when I move, I don’t have to lug 100% if useless stuff and pay movers for it! No money wasted and move only stuff that I love, need and really use.

I’m preparing myself so that when we have our permanent Singapore home, it is only filled with things that are useful and things that we really like.

Speaking of it, Isaac this afternoon has been “decluttering” his and his little brothers toys.

He has been wanting to open didis new Lego duplo box and I told him that he can only open it if he gives away some of his old toys.

1 big plastic bag. Told him to get a plastic bag from the kitchen and start selecting toys he doesn’t want.

He came out with the Taka plastic bag! It was huge. I expected only those fair price medium bags.

He got to discarding his toys and filled it up in no time.

And he said “mummy I still want to give away more toys”.

Ok! Go get another plastic bag. And he came out with another huge plastic bag.

That 2nd plastic bag is 3/4 filled.

I’m quite surprised he’s giving away quite a lot.

Of course I’m not going to throw la. All still so good.

I’m going to carousell it or to give away to the orang asal kids back in Malaysia. Haha.

Ah I totally forgot about my bags and shoes.

Accessories I don’t have much and I have given away those that I don’t want anymore.

Bags and shoes need to be Kondo-ed too.

Ok all target by end of this year!!!

Forgot to take pic of breakfast.

Bacon, egg and carrot hash


Pan fried fish (barramundi?), air fried chicken thighs and stir fry long beans.

Just now, went home ah jia house.

He said it again.

@maryannsee Wah now Isaiah can speak 6 words sentences.

Oh no!! Isaac vomited about 5 times after dinner.

Complaint of tummy ache after dinner with rock melons.

Puke quite massively.

Daddy had to attend to him.

Now he’s sleeping in a sitting up position with a small Paul next to him. When he lies down he feels nauseated.

Poor thing. Hope it’s just food poisoning.

No fever and no rashes.

Pizza frittata for breakfast.

Half a roasted chicken and veg for dinner.

I’m really really amazed that a 21.5 month old can cycle and navigate within his short capacity.

This one is a handful!

Also guys, need to show how a barely 90cm baby gets on a bicycle.


ECDA Food Allergies Sharing in Pre-nursery

Mushroom frittatas
1 sausage
1 egg.

Gym time before lunch.

I’ve been told by PT and lots of ppl around me that the only way to lose weight fast is cardio.

So this is me attempting to fit in cardio in my lyfe.

Okay. 383 calories.

Wow really takes up time. I’ll see if I can only cardio 35mins max and hit 350 and above next round.

Lunch of 1 and 3/4 grilled pork chop.

Ran out of greens I suppose.

Wah feel extremely tired after the workout and lunch got no carbs so body couldn’t recover?

Went down and get a cup of fruits.

So, I was invited to share our thoughts on food allergies in preschools.

There were parents, school representatives and allergist from every hospital as also dietician.

People from MOH was also there to observe as ECDA will have a discussion with them in the coming weeks on food allergy management in prenursery.

I love that this is a stepping stone to a validated voice of food allergies.

I really hate it with FB group sharing nonsense and quasi medicines.

Evidence based is the way.

I’ve been looking sometime now for a proper food allergy support group in Singapore and there is none that is very visible.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up a registered society. Luckily I’ve asked the dietician if she knew of any and she pointed me to this group.

The ECDA Sharing was also coincidental.

Good for my personality type I suppose where I would really want to do something about advocating our kids allergies.

The author of this book was in my focus group and she provided valuable insights on primary school too.

There were some aspects that I didn’t think about yet because our kids not in primary school and there’s no way for us to know.

Proud mama moment!!

Isaac just had his first spelling test. Happy to see it was done well.

Dinner was so unhealthy.

Ate at five tapas.

Had wings, garlic cockles, meatballs, fried gizzards, fried pork belly, fried sio bak, and grilled squid

Bacon, ham and sunny side up for breakfast.

Could not stomach the ham because it tasted so sour. It’s the fair price brand.

Told Helper not to get it anymore. Stick to bacon from qbfood only.

Mexican for lunch!

Protein salad combo with sides of tortilla chips!

We are now here for our parenting workshop.

Signpost for building better behavior.

Also, wangs kopi o kosong to concentrate.

Didi is so determined to cycle.

Attempts at cycling – age 21.5 months.

Mushroom frittata for breakfast

Salad for lunch!

Salad leaves, mashed tuna(no mayo), 1 hard boiled egg, some truffle cheese. No dressing.


Grass fed rib eye.
Green beans stir fry
Simple salad no dressing.

Over the weekend we celebrate my sil birthday.

She drove down to Singapore with her bf and mil.

I forgot how good da Luca is. Ok la I remember, but pasta give me very bad gas.


I can eat this everyday!!!

We ordered 2 to share amongst 5 adults. Cos it’s💰. But so worth it.

Cold capellini with truffle, uni and Hokkaido scallops. So so good. $88

Miles apart from Gunther’s.

This was light and refreshing and morish. Mmmm salivating just thinking about it.

My mains of cod specially done for me cos I kenut gluten.

Husband was really sweet. He preordered the dessert as a birthday cake for sil.

Chocolate lava cake with molten pistachio sauce. And hazelnut ice cream at the side.

One of the better lava cakes I’ve eaten.

Sooooo sooooo good.

Then I had stomach ache after cos I also cannot lactose.

But worth the stomach ache.

Happy 34th SN!!!

Ya they all look very young one.

👦🏻 ah kor, can take pic of Mickey Mouse and me with mummy??

Sil 📷: ok! (Faster take)

So rare this emo guy willingly ask for a photo.

Sil 📷: didi, faster kiss mummy!

👶🏻: *side eyes sil and pretends to kiss me*

Sil: kiss properly!

👶🏻: *still refuses to kiss.

Isaac is oblivious

Sil also brought down their bikes we recently got them.

Finally! They can ride because the rain has stopped.



Typical when you have kids.

First born quickly grabs didi scooter and had a go.


Weeeee!!! 💨

The little devil.

Omelette with breakfast sausage.

Aiyooo it’s so cold and ☔️ wet morning.

Leftover lamb chop(I hope it’s the last of it), leftover baked mustard chicken and simple salad.

A bit much, I’ll update you if can finish all. I suspect can hahahha.



Grill pork chop and stir fry green beans.

Next loot for the kids are here.

Wanted to get something long sleeve for Isaac cause he’s been saying that Chinese class is cold.

Ended up with so many other stuff. Hahha. Opps

This Batman wellies and charcoal boats for didi is dam cute.

Officially SG-an

Breakfast of 1 sunny side and 3 breakfast maple sausages.

Woahhh did you know K2 kids have to do spelling for English and Chinese?

They’ve really ramped it up this year.

2 weeks into the school year, we’ve got to le them know 5 words to spell provided by the school. There’s a date, but I’m not sure is it the “assessment” date for the spelling on that particular week. I think it is.

Scrolled through my photo album and this Isaac took pictures of his note “to his friend” and ask me to send it to his moms friend.

And some Chinese words too.

I only recognize “siao”

My son officially knows more Chinese than me.

After all the crying this morning, we are ready for the school run. Another wet morning, luckily not downpour like Monday.

Where I got my work clothes wet all the way to my panties. Soaking!

Another note he wrote last Saturday to his best friend to ask for a play date at his house.

Ok la pass. Can communicate with writing ✍️👍🏼

Wow guys.

I just pledged allegiance to the Republic of Singapore.

This is a big change, yet everything is the same.

Commissioner of Oaths then welcome us.

New year, new citizenship.

My new temporary pink ic guys. Haha 😂


Leftover lamb chop, baked mustard chicken, simple salad and stir fry asparagus.

We all know who the boss is.

Good morning everybody!

Last night the little boss played hide and seek.

Although he looked like kena punished.

Rare moments in the park

So happy to be able to run around without caution

Scooting around and then pausing for people to cross.

Last Saturday, we went to @doooduuu open house.

But only manage to take pics of the kids.

Forgot to take pic of ourselves, I forgot to take pic of food and most importantly the house.

I really like how the hall looks out to the park with swings and slides. And a school is right next to the block!!! It’s so convenient and pretty quiet.

Reality of the pictures haha.

During the night we also went to another friends house for open house.

Didi really made himself right at home.

Last Sunday I took this cutie patootie and his brother out for coffee in the morning.

Sahhh cute.

Brother also cute la when his not screaming his head off.

Then wanted a go on the paw patrol ride.

No coins was inserted.

So happy going off to fetch korkor back from class.


Today’s dinner.

Air fried chicken and steam broccoli

Oh no, the kids discovered all the kept soft toys. No soft toys because of their dust mite allergies.

But didi has taken to hugging them. So ok la.

Pancake for Egg-challenge| Epic Meltdown

Today I made pancakes for Isaacs egg baked challenge.

I notice he hated the muffin recipe by the allergist because it’s too dry. I told the dietician about it and she suggested pancakes.

They looked beautiful.

Each individual pancake was measured out precisely due to how much egg proteins we needed to calculate in each pancake.

Today’s goal was to eat 1 bite.

Oh boy.

The pancakes cooked beautifully.

I had to then put it in the oven at 180•C at 30mins to make sure the egg protein is denatured.

Cooking it on stove just doesn’t change the protein structure of the egg.

The minute he knew I was finished cooking it, he had an epic meltdown of a blizzard proportion.

He couldn’t and would not calm down after us reasoning with him.

He cried sooooo hard and long.

In the end I had to force him into his room to calm him down. Still couldn’t.

I spied his beloved ninja go Lego Jay and lightning jet.

I told him, if he doesn’t stop crying in 3 seconds I am going to throw it away.

I said it because he keep screaming to throw my pancakes away.

So, instead of him throwing my pancakes, I said I will throw away his precious toy.

Lifted it up and I went out the front door.

The screaming ensured (this one quite bad). Batdude talked to him nicely again and tried to tell him to calm down. Obviously not going to work.

Screamed until he couldn’t scream anymore. I opened the front door then and told him “I will give you back jay, if you take one bite of the pancake”

Lo and behold guys. He took a bite. About adult thumb size.

Considered a success la.

After 3-4 hours still no reaction.

We are suppose to continue tomorrow with 1/8 of a pancake but had to abort mission.

His nose was all clogged up, and he developed very bad runny nose.

He was sniffling the whole morning but this bout of intense crying brought on the runny nose kau kau.

So difficult to get an anxious boy to try something new.

Now that we’ve had time to relax after putting kids to bed, feed them and clean them, me and bad dude thinks he couldn’t deal with trying out the egg challenge hence the melt down.

Can you imagine, he was so scared and anxious that he meltdown.

Aiyoooo poor boy. He really needs help.

Anyhow, I’m really happy about how the pancake looks.

It’s really yummy too because the recipe calls for quite a high sugar ratio.

But I guess to get the kids to eat, have to be yummy right?

And next time I shall use other oil instead of coconut oil. Too strong smell for Isaac.