Oral Egg Challenge

Today’s the day!

Woke up not feeling frazzled. Just the usual morning irritation with Isaac because don’t wanna brush teeth don’t wanna change story.

Mummy had breakfast of avocado, smoked salmon, fried egg white and lettuce.

Isaac has not eaten because going to eat only at the hospital.

We’ve packed 3 hard boiled egg, 2 mantau and very small fried meehun.

8.50am: Registered and now taking his vital statistics.

The nurses are also checking his skin for redness and lesions, marking any existing eczema spots.

Fully intensively moisturized with physiogel AI right after the doctors review.

During the review she went through with us again the chances of reaction. Judging by his IgE levels of about 3, it was quite safe to challenge orally. He also could tolerate baked egg goods so that could be a good indicator that he may tolerate the egg challenge too.

As with any challenge, there is always a 50-50 chance it could go either way

πŸ‘†πŸΌphoto after second incremental dose of egg πŸ₯šπŸ³ at 9.30am.

Forgot to take photo of first dose because it was a challenge getting him to eat it. Had to bribe with tv watching and still refused. Mummy was getting very harsh. Nurse stopped mummy!

She “rescued” Isaac n told him “ok la no need eat egg, we give u your mantau only ok?”

Good. Hide the egg in small piece of mantau. Very good la nurses here.

After the first dose I went to take coffee. Just in case There’s anything, I shall go get coffee first.

Also to soothe the frazzled nerves.

9.55am: third dose.

10.15am chewing on his 4th dose and smiling at the tv show.

10.35am. 5th dose. Fed him 3 pcs 1 dollar sized mantau stuffed with mashed egg.

11.00am. 6th dose. This was quite a large amount so they mixed it with his meehun. Good idea!

Nyom nyom nyom. So glad he ate it. Daddy fed up. I think if I feed will be too jittery. Btw daddy has been feeding him all this while.

Then it was time to check his vital stats.

So far so good declared the nurses.